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Monday, June 10, 2013

CocoCay Island, Bahamas

It was such an amazing experience visiting CocoCay in Bahamas during our cruise.

Me and my husband at Cococay Island, Bahamas

CocoCay is a private island exclusive for Royal Caribbean as well as for Celebrity Cruises guests. Both these cruise ships bring their passengers to the island by tenders.

CocoCay is surrounded with bright blue waters in the middle of the Bahamas, and situated about 45 miles north, northwest of Nassau.
This island was used to be called "Little Stirrup Cay" before the Royal Caribbean Cruises assumed the lease of the island for exclusive use. It used to be a deserted island that has white sand beaches.

After Royal Caribbean Cruises acquired the lease, and was renamed CocoCay, the company started renovating the island and became a tropical paradise.

Nowadays, it is now equipped with new and modern aquatic facilities like scuba-diving and snorkeling facilities, renovated nature trails which are one of the island's attractions, new dining shelters such as bars, restaurants and shops like the Straw Market that are in cottages and artisan huts.

Other famous activities are kayaking, swimming, parasailing and more. If you prefer to relax, the island is also equipped with benches and special seating areas along the beach and trellises for shady sanctuaries.

Before catching up your tender going to the island, be sure you are ready for the choices of any excursions or tours that you wanna do. 
There is an excursion desk in the ship and they can help you with some lists of activities you want to do in the island. You need to sign up first before going to the island, as they don't accept walk-in tours once you're there.
Otherwise, you should have already included your excursion itineraries before you board the ship for the cruise.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Boracay Adventures (2nd Time Around)

I guess there's no need to be describing in details about Boracay island, when it comes to activities you can do when you're in the island. Of course, Boracay has been starting to become famous due to its white sand and torquoise waters. Being recognized as one of the top beaches in the world, it will be easy knowing about the island when you search it online.

One thing is for sure...that you'll never run out of activities while enjoying the island has to offer. Whether you love to surf with the waves, snorkel, parasail, boating, island hopping, or just want to enjoy food and entertainment, this is the place you should be. You can be an adventurous visitor or just somebody who would prefer quiet moments with the island's nature whispers.

I didn't even expect myself to become adventurous, but I did one activity unexpectedly...parasail! Was scared to death, but got the hang of it later on.

Me and sis-in-law! Brave gurls!

I tried sports activity as well...go karting! Oh yeah! I am not used to this, but enjoyed it even when it poured heavily. The boys had more fun, I think. 
Then, there was a newly opened museum adjacent to the go karting place, which was perfect to see after that. We were soaking wet from the rain, but we didn't mind. The museum ( Trick Arts Museum) was great and fun. It was amazing taking photos, then from your photos, you can see where and what the trick is!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Go karting

There's the trick!

Real or unreal @ the Trick Arts museum

tried the hair braiding