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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bearland Paradise Resort

This resort is one of the newest destination in Iloilo, 20 minute drive from the city of Iloilo. It is exactly located at barangay Tanpael, Tigbauan, Iloilo.

One of the attractive featured amenities of the resort is the cerulean infinity pool that has a good overlooking view of the sea. They also have a jacuzzi pool if you want to relax, and a kiddie pool for smaller kids.

Kiddie pool

Jacuzzi pool

The sunken bar is also an attraction which is fronting the infinity pool. It is placed between the kiddie and infinity pool. The sunken bar is equipped with bar lounge chairs in the inside fronting the pool, and permanent  bar stools in the pool. The stools are under the water and swimmers can sit there and order their drinks without needing to get out of the pool. Customers can order alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks whichever they prefer.
By the way, in our case, we ordered our mango shake drinks and two plates of french fries...the wait was like forever! I asked what is taking them so long, and one worker told me they are short of staff workers that day.

For those that don't want to stay overnight, sun loungers with umbrellas are provided (with a minimal fee), some of them just fronting the kiddie pool, and some along and around the infinity pool. 
There are bathrooms provided for changing but they don't have showers inside if you prefer to rinse in a more private location. I noticed there are faucets on the sinks, but they were not working. There are 2 public showers located near the bathrooms but since they are public, you can't take a good rinse well, not unless you want to go nude in!

On the sides are sun loungers(white tents) fronting the kiddie pool.

Along the seaside (you have to go down shorter steps from the pool area), are cottages made of bamboo and woods. These are ideal for larger groups such as group picnics, excursions or any other big activities.

As of the last time that we were in the area, the Pavilion was still under construction. It will be a 2-storey building that would include a function room, a restaurant and a gym.
Rates of rooms, if you want to reserve for overnight purposes are just a bit pricey, so check your budget upfront before getting rooms. I haven't tried their rooms, nor saw what are the amenities inside, so I can't share about them.

One side of the jacuzzi pool are also couches, chairs and tables made of rattan/bamboos that serve as lounge area for those who want to relax or hang out with their friends. The area seems to be like an eating place, but didn't see one eating there. The resort has a free wi-fi as well but you can't get through it unless you know the password, and you won't get the password until you ask them.