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Monday, April 29, 2013

Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial)

Another famous memorial in Arlington, Virginia is the US Marine Corps War Memorial also known as Iwo Jima Memorial.

The statue which is a 32 ft.-high sculpture was inspired from the iconic photo of "Raising The Flag on Iwo Jima" depicting the scene of the flag raising by 5 members of the Marines and a Navy hospital corpsman, symbolizing the successful takeover of Iwo Jima island.
At the middle of the six men is a 60 ft. flagpole from which the US flag can be seen waving up high 24 hours a day. At the base of the memorial is a Swedish granite that has inscriptions of the names and dates of the US Marine Corps members and has the engraving words; - "In honor and in memory of the men of the United States Marine Corps who have given their lives to their country since November 10, 1775."

Monday, April 22, 2013

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

US Air Force Memorial

The Air Force Memorial is located in Arlington, Virginia on the grounds of Fort Myer, overlooking the Pentagon, Potomac River and Washington DC.
The memorial is also very near the Arlington National Cemetery, between the street intersections of Columbia Pike and South Joyce St.

The Air Force Memorial can easily be recognized with its very distinctive design, - the three memorial spires ranging from 201-270 ft. high which appear to be soaring. This design was inspired by the Air Force Thunder birds performing their signature "bomb burst" maneuver performance in the air.
Beneath those spires is the US Air Force "star" embedded in granite.

Before the inscription wall, there are four 8ft. tall bronze statues depicting the memorial's Honor Guards. To the north of it is a glass contemplation wall, - a free standing glass panel with some images.

At each end of the central lawn are two granite inscription walls that measure 56 ft in length, 10ft. in height and 1 foot diameter thick.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The memorial was purposely constructed to honor members of the US Armed Forces who served in the Vietnam War. Currently, it consists of 3 parts, namely; - The Three Soldiers/Servicemen built with  life-size bronze statues, The Vietnam Women's Memorial and The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall which is the most commonly popular location visited by at least 3 million visitors annually.

The Vietnam Women's Memorial which is also nearby the 3 statues is a small memorial with sculptures of 2 women in uniform tending to a wounded male soldier while another sculpture of a woman is kneeling close to it.

The memorial black granite wall has a list of inscriptions of the chronological names of at least 58,272 Americans that were killed and went missing in action during the war. The stone used for the wall was bought from India which was chosen due to its reflective quality, so that when you look upon the wall, your reflection can be seen simultaneously with the engraved names, which is meant to bring the past and present together symbolically.

Me and my other me ;)
The strategical location of the wall is that one wall is pointing towards Washington Monument and the other one leads in the direction towards the Lincoln Memorial, which meets an angle of 125 degrees 12:
Along the base of this wall is a pathway that serves as walking path for visitors while reading and/or locating names, or just pray for them.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Korean War Veterans Memorial

This memorial was built to commemorate those who served in the Korean War. It is situated on West Potomac Park, southeast of the Lincoln Memorial and at the south part of the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall.

The memorial's structure is in the form of a triangle intersecting a circle. As you go further in the memorial, you'll see a wall measuring to 50 meters long,8 inches thick and built with more than 100 tons of highly polished "Academy Black" granite. On it are photographic images that depicts soldiers, and other people involved in the war representing land, sea and air troops.
The granite wall also reflects mural of the faces of 2,400 unnamed soldiers with a quote - "Freedom is not free."
Behind me is the wall with mural

Partial background are the 19 statues in full combat gears behind me...

At the center of the memorial are the 19 stainless statues of soldiers representing a squad on patrol from each branch of the armed forces, facing an American flag. These statues are dressed in full combat gears and are scattered standing each in between strips of granite, with juniper bushes that represent the rugged terrain in Korea.

It's also interesting to note that on the wall's reflection, there seem to be 38 soldiers, which represents the 38th parallel. The north part of the statues is a path that forms one side of the triangle. On the path lies the United Nation's Wall reflecting the 22 members of UN that contributed or offered medical support to the Korean war effort.
Philippines was one of the UN members who offered medical support during Korean War.

There is also a Pool of Remembrance with inscriptions listing the number of people killed, wounded, missing in action, and those held as prisoners of war. A plaque close to it reflects, - "Our nation honors her sons and daughters who answered the call to defend a country they never knew and a people they never met."