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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Visit to Hershey Park

Sept. 4, 2011

We reached the park around 11am. We thought of going there as early as we can while the weather is still clear. It was a good thing that the weather didn't turn out rainy that day, but the whole day was cloudy, yet still warm. But that was way better than sunny. For sure, the hubby would be sweating like a pig, lol!

It was a little crowded at the main entrance, because it was Sunday. Inside the park was a little better. It was funny that whenever we go to a theme park like this, we just couldn't be brave enough to get on the thrill rides! We would prefer riding on trains and trolleys, and just watching shows! lol. I should have tried skyview rides but hubby won't. I don't like being alone on that cable, so we just skipped it :(.

We tried the blue cross monorail, a train ride around the park, then it was a good timing to catch The Milkmen singing on the stage. Just beside them was the Music box theater where we watched another show of good tap dancing! Those performers were really good!

We then catched a late lunch at Minetown restaurant afterwhich we proceeded to Zoo America just adjacent to the park. There was not much crowd in the zoo. But after a few walks, my feet are getting tired. It was like around 5pm when we went out from the park. Before reaching the exit, we thought of getting some cold coffee drinks at Dunkin Donuts and took a seat for a rest! I was getting this throbbing headache again, and the coffee helped a little bit.
I enjoyed the day anyway, so we went straight back home after the rest, and retired early.
Thank you Lord for the clear weather for the whole day!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ripley's Odditorium

I still remember when I first visited Ripley's Odditorium in Florida in 2007. It was a good experience to see the various collections of bizarre, strange and unbelievable artifacts that came from all around the world, including authentic photos, movies and even wax presentations of human beings.

Exhibits are all a combination of oddities in the world of science and illusions, state-of-the-art special effects, interactive displays, videos with the inclusion of exotic themed surroundings like spooky graveyards, jungles and scenes of natural disasters.

They say that each Ripley's Believe It or Not! museums that are located in various parts around the world are created uniquely when it comes to collection of oddities and how they are presented.
So, when people go from place to place as they visit the same museum in a different location, they would see different artifacts or oddities in it.

Amazing isn't it?

Given the chance to visit Ripley's museum once again in a different place would be another wonderful experience to take!

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