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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buffet Lunch @ Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant

Outside the restaurant, after my sumptuos lunch!
One thing I would always enjoy when I'm on a trip is food! Trip and food for me are perfect match! ;)

Well, how would you like to go on a smorgasboard dining with real home cooked meals on the dining menu - buffet style??

If you're around Lancaster area, the Brid-in-Hand Family Restaurant would be the ideal place to go to. This is not a paid promotion, although it sounds I am promoting it, lol! But I am strongly recommending it because I have a positive experience dining in here. It's here where you will find a whole host of traditional Lancaster County recipes that are always perfected daily on their menu. They are family traditional recipes shared with homemade goodness, and fresh foods.

If you're going in there starving, you'll be coming out full and happy...that's for sure! An, oh, beware when you're on a strict diet! You'll end up breaking your diet rules. :)

By the way, it's a shame I didn't even take photos of the restaurant itself! Probably, I was so overwhelmed with too much food and I was so full!

Trip date: April 14, 2012