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Monday, October 22, 2012

Early Holiday Shopping Treat!

DealDash is probably one of those online sites worth checking if you are an avid online shopper! If you also love to bid online for shopping products, the site is for you! It is an alternative way to penny auctions and risk free.
 I was able to check the site, and I have discovered that many auctioneers have claimed they got what they wanted for as low as 30's like whoa! Really? DealDash captivated me so I created my free account. You can join right away in a few seconds, and joining is FREE of course.
 Take note however that when you participate in the bidding, you are required to purchase bids.

 As I've mentioned previously, Deal Dash is risk free. Why? Because if you are bidding for the first time and you happened to use all your bids without winning a single auction, your bids will all be returned to you on your first bid pack purchase and you'll be given the second chance. Fair play, don't you think? Another thing is that it has the "Buy It Now" option. This works in a way that if you didn't win the auction, you can buy the item you were bidding on its regular price and the bids you used in that auction will still be returned to you for free. You get your item, and you don't lose the bids. You can then use the bids again for your next try to win another auction. Fair and honest enough ;). If you are not contented in any way, it offers you a money-back guarantee with no questions asked! Your entire purchase will be refunded back to you simple as that. Check it today! Try it risk free!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Garin Farm & Inland Resort - The Visit

The farm is no ordinary farm. As you would enter the place, you will be amazed it is beyond being a farm. It was built in such a way that you can enjoy and witness the power of nature at its best, have peace of mind, and at the same time enjoy leisure and adventure activities...all rolled into one! :) I can say it's a mini-theme park in an agricultural setting.

Garin Farm is located in San Joaquin, province of Iloilo on its southernmost part. From the city of Iloilo going to the place is a little more than an hour ride. I consider it also one place worth visiting while vacationing in the Philippines. If you're a tourist, it can be easily accessible through a map and by the help of the locals.

A little of an adventure can be done in the farm through the 300 meter zip-line that passes through over the lagoon and some trees. Other options would be to go up and down the hill. If you prefer more vigorous fun, go hiking through the route embraced by the beauty of nature. Lots of other leisure activities can also be done such as horseback riding, boating, fishing or even renting an all-terrain vehicle. You have to note though, that every activity has a charge, except for hiking...and hike at your own risk! :0
Then after a busy day's activities, you can treat yourself to a dip on the pool. All tariff rates are provided at the entrance area upon payment of your entrance fee.

Blurry, but the reality view when you are in the actual place is truly spectacular!
One of the highlight of your activity would be to experience going up the 456 steps towards the 101 ft. Divine Mercy Cross at the pilgrimage area. I recommend staying overnight to see the awesome view of the Divine Mercy Cross at night.

Rooms are available at various rates according to accommodations. Be sure to get a room that rpovides a view of the stunning scenery! All rooms are situated on the hillside area in order to get the amazing view of the town of San Joaquin and its surroundings.

There is a restaurant fronting the pilgrimage area equipped with a canteen on the adjacent side corner. At least you'll never go hungry nor thirsty after a tedious activity ;). The restaurant has a free wi-fi internet access if you want to check your emails or surf the net.

By the way, inside the restaurant is also a billiard area if you want to play pool indoors.

Don't forget to take lots of photos. There will belots of stunning views and interesting subjects to focus on. Just to be sure you complete your visit, be sure you check all the main sites - mainly, the Pilgrimage area, the Divine Mercy Cross, the agricultural area, and the Lagoon.
Add to that the picturesque views from your room windows or the private garden beside your room.

Get all the fun! It's gonna be worth it. Visit our Garin Farm Adventures for more photos!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Effective Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Atlanta

Drug and alcohol addiction are today's one serious problem the country is facing today. The fact that many victims are the youth, it scares me to think about the future. If these victims don't receive help the earliest time possible, how many more lives would be ruined? Let's face it...alcohol and drug addiction are not only a problem on the youth. There are many adults as well, and there are so many of them wherever we go.
We should be glad there are rehabilitation centers that are helping many victims taking their steps toward recovery.

If you are searching for Atlanta drug abuse rehab centers, you might want to check Bradford Health Services. There's one close by Birmingham. Their alcohol and drug rehab programs have been helping a lot of addicts regain recovery.
If you, your friend or your member of the family needs help going to Atlanta Drug Rehab, Bradford Health Services is well equipped to extend a well-designed continuum of care approach in treating your loved ones with drug dependency.
For those who are in their early stages of drug or alcohol dependency, they can undergo treatment at the Intensive Outpatient Program.

There is peace of mind when you know your loved ones are under the care of a rehab center that has a proven track record of helping addicts become well, isn't it? Call them today!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buffet Lunch @ Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant

Outside the restaurant, after my sumptuos lunch!
One thing I would always enjoy when I'm on a trip is food! Trip and food for me are perfect match! ;)

Well, how would you like to go on a smorgasboard dining with real home cooked meals on the dining menu - buffet style??

If you're around Lancaster area, the Brid-in-Hand Family Restaurant would be the ideal place to go to. This is not a paid promotion, although it sounds I am promoting it, lol! But I am strongly recommending it because I have a positive experience dining in here. It's here where you will find a whole host of traditional Lancaster County recipes that are always perfected daily on their menu. They are family traditional recipes shared with homemade goodness, and fresh foods.

If you're going in there starving, you'll be coming out full and happy...that's for sure! An, oh, beware when you're on a strict diet! You'll end up breaking your diet rules. :)

By the way, it's a shame I didn't even take photos of the restaurant itself! Probably, I was so overwhelmed with too much food and I was so full!

Trip date: April 14, 2012