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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

American Music Theater with The Gaither Vocal Band

Me & Wes Hampton

Me and my ever supportive and kind, loving hubby ;)

The concert

Michael Phelps doing his solo.

The venue - American Music Theater

 We have been into Rill's Bus Service with my husband whenever we think of having some weekend trips and whenever they offer some trips that seem interesting to do. One of the best thing they had in one of their itineraries was a trip to see The Gaither Vocal Band's Homecoming Tour 2012 at American Music Theater. I have been actually wishing to see one of their concerts someday, I said. Then that perfect timing came when Rill's offered the tour and so I didn't let the chance go off my hands this time, lol! My husband signed up for the tour right away, and finally, it was such an excitement while we were on the road in the bus! :)

GVB became one of my favorites ever since I started seeing and hearing their songs in Youtube and DVD's, and I really have to agree that they are one of the best-loved voices in gospel music. The band roster is comprised of Bill Gaither, Wes Hampton, David Phelps, Michael English and Mark Lowry, all of them gifted as musical artists and men of authentic faith. They are incomparable because of their powerhouse vocals, innovative harmonies and life-altering message - a message of grace, hope and redemption.

I love Michael Phelp's powerful high notes and I was aiming to have a remembrance photo with me, but I ended up having Wes Hampton instead! I still was so happy! Just letting one of them have a photo opportunity is one golden dream I got! ;)

Truly, I felt so blessed in a full evening of entertainment and meaningful music and is a rare treat anytime.

Taken: April 14, 2012