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Monday, July 30, 2012

Bird-in-Hand Farmer's Market

In one of our bus tours, we had the chance to drop by the place for a quick shopping. Although we knew we lack time for the shopping, the fact that we were briefed by our tour guide about "food sampling" is for sure a lot of fun!...foody fun, that is! :)

Pop corn samples..taste good!

The day was a weekend (Saturday) and rather was busy and a bit crowded. This place is more of an indoor market and most vendors you could meet are Amish.
Inside are mixed gift shops stores of handmade crafts and mostly are homemade cooked meals, fresh produce and freshly-baked pies. So, it is mostly fresh and homemade in this store, food wise.

We were able to get free food samples of pop corn with various flavors. They are all pretty good and if you have money, you might be tempted buying all of them! :)
I love the caramel-flavored ones! We didn't buy them though, I guess we ate more than enough just by the free samples, lol!...but we instead bought a funnel cake which was also cooked fresh right from the pan. What a nice food trip experience! I think I'm gonna enjoy this type of trips ;).

Taken: April 14, 2012