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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Horsesoe Curve National Historic Landmark

A visit to the Horseshoe Curve can be enjoying and entertaining where you'll get to witness one of the world's most incredible engineering feats and experience the challenge of Pennsylvania Railroad workers overcame by completing rail tracks through the rough terrain in the Allegheny Mountains.
It's one of the few places in North America where the public can view a working railroad up-close.

Going up the curve can be in 2 ways;-Ride the funicular,-an incline plane that will take you from the visitor's center up to the train tracks of the curve, or choose to walk the 194 beautiful landscaped steps to the tracks for a front seat view of a train man's wonder. There are benches and tables available to watch the passing trains leisurely! ;).

The Horseshoe Curve was opened in 1854 that revolutionized rail travel and cleared the way for westward expansion of the railroad. As of today, more than 50 trains each day can be viewed and photographed.

Don't miss the Visitor's Center to view the descriptive displays that will help you better appreciate the work involved in building such a marvel and which houses a gift shop of souvenirs for every railroad buff.

The Horseshoe Curve is located at Kittaning Point at the base of Allegheny Mountains.