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Sunday, May 20, 2012

High Strength Fasteners

Being a traveler myself, I am actually keen in seeing many things I get to visit. One of the most exciting place I visited was the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco and I couldn't really imagine that those TC Bolts used on the bridge must have been so tough, huh? And of course, you would probably have analyzed that these small high strength fasteners that are being used to make our bridges sturdy for many long years are yet "too small" to be recognized, and yet are the vital components of bridges where many vehicles would pass through every day. So, I think they shouldn't be opted out when you see a big bridge next time, don't you think? :)

I am sure if you are an engineer, or part of a construction team, you would surely know what I am talking about.
I believe that for any construction needs, structural bolts are highly considered as well. And in order to have those strong and sturdy infrastructures, every kind of bolts that fasten them depends on the quality and industry grade materials they are made of that will be considered.