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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ever heard of the Valence Group?

No, I’m not talking about the outlaw from the movie “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”, a 1962 American Western film directed by John Ford and starring James Stewart and John Wayne. I am talking about a chemical investment bank that calls itself the Valence Group (pronounced as Vay-lence) that offers advisory services when it comes to chemical mergers and acquisitions to investors which deals with businesses or investments more relatively involved with chemical elements and the like.

One good thing to know as well is that the team is composed of highly trained industrial specialists that are well experienced in their specialized areas, whether local or globally due to the fact that it has contact bases in various locations like Shanghai, London and New York.

That being said, most of its clients have different specialized sectors, which also creates unique characteristics requiring specialized chemical advisory services as well.

Get to work with a team that has first-hand transaction experience, and I'm sure you will be pleased!