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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Alkaline Ionized Water

You would probably wonder what is all about it means once you have read my title post above. Some would perhaps say it's more on scientific explanations which I would agree. But did you know there are more to know about it?
I am quite surprised as well when I have read these valuable information and why I consider it essential not only in animals but to human health as well.

If you are familiar with water filters, then you're really closer to the idea now ;). You see it in homes, offices and in some public places for drinking.
But we have to think that even the best water filter is not enough to consider when you talk about body wellness, - the reason why there are now products called water ionizers or also known as alkaline water machine.
The purpose of a water ionizer is to provide you clean filtered water and at the same produce an alkaline ionized water to help keep your cell PH healthy daily, in which a plain water filter doesn't provide. You see, even the best water filter can't be good enough if the water PH is not right. And human cells responds sensitively to a wrong PH through various forms of illnesses such as allergies, arthritis, failing organs and even cancer.
With the proper water ionizer, you can get access to a better water filter and the right PH.

Water ionization is a process that filters water then transforms it to alkaline which is rich in antioxidants, - a very essential combination, the product which is now called alkaline ionized water.

The best thing to know is that these alkaline water machines can now be bought at bargain prices. Of course, there are those (depending on the models) that might be too costly enough for their budgets, but there are still products that are perfect for low budget customers.
Owning one is quite cost effective and much cheaper when you compare it to bottled water. You would realize sooner that having one is all worth it.