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Friday, April 27, 2012

E Cigarette By Blu Cigs

I suppose many people today have heard about electronic cigarettes (e cigarette), and as a matter of fact, they are now becoming popular particularly to those who want to quit smoking the traditional way and yet can't.

If ever you are thinking of getting it or trying, better yet check Blu Cigs. They are actually famous online, so it will be easy finding them. To some, it would probably be suprising to know some facts about the features, and the total product itself.
You might want to give it a try with a premium starter kit.
By the way, there are new flavors added as well, so better check it too. It's made in the US, so if you are US based, you can just say; - if it's "Made in the USA", it must be good! ;)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Golden Dragon Acrobat Show @ Longwood Gardens

It's nice to be back once again at Longwood Gardens! Every trip visit that we do going there is always worth it. This time, it wasn't just a visit to the gardens smelling the flowers, but to watch the Golden Dragon Acrobat Show at open-air theater in the gardens as well.

The show didn't start until 1pm. While waiting, we visited the topiary garden and had some fun taking photos of the roses fully in bloom!
Thank goodness for our ever reliable tripod cam as well. We managed to take both our photos together;).

The Golden Dragon acrobats had a spectacular performance! It was indeed a show of breath taking skills and spell binding beauty combining them with acrobatics, traditional dance, spectacular costumes and ancient contemporary music.

The show lasted for an hour 1/2 and we can say it was really worth the watch. Photography wasn't allowed during the show, but I was glad I was able to sneak some quick shots without the flash! :)
After the show, I bought a souvenir (hand fan) that looked simple but elegant...perfect for hot summer days!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Herbal Potpourri & Other Products

I would be treating this post as sensitive as this might not be good for some readers. For adults who use these party enhancers, I would encourage them to be responsible enough with their actions if ever they use them. 
These products are actually available from Herbal City LLC online which offers herbal products such as the K6 herbal incense and spiritual powders.

Although these products are said to be legal in all 50 states of the US, it still involves responsibility when using them. The herbal products are said to be mood enhancing that help people feel great against stress, depression, and ideal for night life people as well.

If you are interested, you can check the site and see their products.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library

This country estate and museum is considered to be a premier museum of American decorative arts because it houses one of the most important collections of Americana in the country. No wonder why, because in here was the former home of Henry Francis du Pont,-known to be an antiques collector and horticulturist.
The museum is named after the 6th-greatest city in Switzerland, - "Winterthur".

There are about 90,000 art collections placed and displayed in 175 period-room displays in which these collections spans more than 2 centuries of American decorative arts from 1640-1860 which also include pieces of American furniture and fine art.

Winterthur is beautifully nestled amidst a 1,000-acre preserve of rolling meadows and woodlands in Delaware's Brandy Wine Valley on route 52, minutes from I-195 and less than an hour south of Philadelphia.
Part of the acre is a 60-acre naturalistic garden with magnificent specimen paintings and various displays of colors.
Amidst the majestic oak trees is a garden that is called "Enchanted Garden" or "Enchanted Woods" that is good for exploring mystery and discovery.
In here is where you can touch and see objects from the past, who made them and who used them. Smaller kids can enjoy visiting here with the garden reflecting as a fairy-tale garden in the eyes of the little ones.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Online Reputation Management

Gaining a good reputation is not easy, but regaining back a destroyed reputation is much more difficult to do and imagine, particularly if your online reputation in the business industry has been crushed! The most painful thing to bear is when those bad reports against you are not true. So, you would be crying out for help and you would start to wonder which or who will you turn to?

But aren't you glad there is a company who offers internet reputation management methodologies to customers that really need them? That's one benefit of the internet. As long as you found the right company (thank goodness for Google researches too!) and credible services that are trustworthy, you are good to go.

If you are a frequent online shopper, you can also be at risk of being a victim of some fraudulent sites. Talking about free shipping deals for instance can be quite confusing to many shoppers if they don't seem to do a comprehensive research about their activities they have to do online. Just by looking at a company that offers a "free" service can still be watch out before you give into it.

If you are a victim of fraud, you might want to check on the given link(s) on this post and don't hesitate to report your case. It always pays to be open about your experiences against fraud because the more many will be aware of your experience, the more people would be willing to help and be warned as well.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Valuable Feedback For Damires Hills Resort - (Reposted)

A few days ago, I shared a post regarding the place in my facebook account (Notes). But since it was only limited for some viewers, I thought of reposting it here again on my blog.
So here it goes:

It has been 5 months since my last trip going to the place with my family. I could say it was still more fun than a disaster, but who wants a fun with some disasters in between??...right? But providing a valuable feedback particularly for the employees and the management of the place would certainly be a challenge to accept and do something about it, both for the positive and negative feedback.

We hope that by now, there will be more improvements on the place including the management service, and facilities that need more attention for the security of the visitors.

I and my husband travel a lot, and we come to Philippines every year (my home birth) for a vacation for a much needed R &R (rest and relaxation). In the course of our travel to various places both Philippines and the US, plus some other countries we've been to, we are quite vocal about sharing our trip experiences to places we visit, whether for pleasure or business.

Okay, so here was our ordeal.

On the early morning of November 1, 2011, I tried calling Damires Hills Resort to ask if they were open on that day. I got the contact nos. from their Facebook page. As I dialled the first number, (it was a cellphone number) and after a few rings, I heard somebody was on the line, but she didn't say anything. So, I then proceeded to ask; - "Hello, good morning. Is this Damires Hills Resort?" ... it was a long pause then suddenly she hanged up the phone on me! I didn't mind about it, but actually if I dialled the wrong number, she should just simply answered back "wrong number"! So, I dialled the other number, (it was still a cellphone number) and I was answered by a guy this time. So I asked the same question to confirm if they were open and he confirmed they were open. I asked if the zip line was open that day and he said yes, zip line was open for business that day.

So, I and the group (there were 10 of us who went to the place), proceeded to the place and arrived there at around close to noon time. We got a family room that was on the second floor of the building close to the bar area and the pool. I couldn't recall the name of the room. I then asked the receptionists there (there were 2 ladies and 2 guys) if we can do the zip line but they quickly answered the zip line was NOT available because the one in charge was on a day off!!! So, who the heck did I call on the phone who confirmed me that zip line was open?? I felt so disgusted! Why? Because it was the main reason why I wanted to visit Damires Hills Resort in the firs try the zip line! So I was thinking, does the word "collaboration" exist in the management? A good business continues to thrive when all people that work in it carry good rapport in working together to achieve goals of the business. But it was not the time for me to be so upset! I thought there are still some things to enjoy about...the pool!

Here is the good part, talking about positive feedbacks! ;)...The food was superb! We love the food, and the waiter who served us did a good job! We should have gotten his name! I think we gave him a good tip though ;). The pool was clean, the ambience was awesome! The view surrounding the pool was lush and green...very nostalgic! But the "not so good ones"...those stone slabs patch beside the pool are slippery when they get wet. I slipped couple of times and I saw some did too! These are obviously dangerous for smaller kids who would become out balance and might bang their heads on the stones! Now, that would be worst if it happens and the resort would end up answering someone's dear life.

Our room has also some lights where switches are nowhere to be found! It looked a li'l bit funny, but when we asked one of the guys there to switch on the lights of our room for us, he couldn't find it too! {sigh!}

Our room has stairs that got so wet after our bath in the pool because there were no dry stair mats provided and they are so slippery to walk on to it going up and down. My husband was so unlucky to experience stepping on one slicky step on the stairs, so that he slipped on his left leg and landed on his back couple of stairs going down! He was able to grab the stair rails to protect himself from falling down to the bottom of the stairs. However, he got some scratches on his left ankle, and red streak marks on his behind (butt area). He was fine after he regained his balance but had back pains after that.

How could you imagine if someday, one person will fall down that stairs with head down and hitting it on the pavement? Those are just BIG liabilities you could NEVER ignore!

After the incident, I demanded to speak with the manager or supervisor to report about what happened but one lady told me they are not around because they are on day offs due to the holiday! I find that unreasonable because whether it is a holiday or not there should always be one on duty!

A resort business always needs to be equipped with functional, complete and secure facilities as well as a manager or a supervisor that monitors everything else under his care...that's what you call efficiency in service! It's one of the key you need if you want your business to thrive longer.

In America, all resort businesses and public attractions are highly efficient. As a frequent traveler, I've experienced being checked by a manager or a supervisor asking if I find everything okay, and would always take time to come see me every 15-30 minutes and ask what else do I need and if I am okay. Every room is provided with feedback brochures and suggestion boxes too.

I am from Janiuay and I am always proud of promoting anything that Janiuay has something to be proud of! Don't feel bad about the negative feedbacks! I know that would be helpful for your management. I and my family are still looking forward to visit you one of these days again, hopefully with better facilities and services.

Thanks for letting us visit! We are looking forward to tell you "Job well done"! in the near future :).

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Alkaline Ionized Water

You would probably wonder what is all about it means once you have read my title post above. Some would perhaps say it's more on scientific explanations which I would agree. But did you know there are more to know about it?
I am quite surprised as well when I have read these valuable information and why I consider it essential not only in animals but to human health as well.

If you are familiar with water filters, then you're really closer to the idea now ;). You see it in homes, offices and in some public places for drinking.
But we have to think that even the best water filter is not enough to consider when you talk about body wellness, - the reason why there are now products called water ionizers or also known as alkaline water machine.
The purpose of a water ionizer is to provide you clean filtered water and at the same produce an alkaline ionized water to help keep your cell PH healthy daily, in which a plain water filter doesn't provide. You see, even the best water filter can't be good enough if the water PH is not right. And human cells responds sensitively to a wrong PH through various forms of illnesses such as allergies, arthritis, failing organs and even cancer.
With the proper water ionizer, you can get access to a better water filter and the right PH.

Water ionization is a process that filters water then transforms it to alkaline which is rich in antioxidants, - a very essential combination, the product which is now called alkaline ionized water.

The best thing to know is that these alkaline water machines can now be bought at bargain prices. Of course, there are those (depending on the models) that might be too costly enough for their budgets, but there are still products that are perfect for low budget customers.
Owning one is quite cost effective and much cheaper when you compare it to bottled water. You would realize sooner that having one is all worth it.