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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Visits to Anthracite Heritage Museum & Steamtown Nat'l Historic Site

Lackawanna & Scranton, PA - Sept. 18, 2011

The Anthracite Heritage Museum is located uphill from the Coal Mine. We paid $12 for the museum entrance ($6 per head). The museum reflects a lot of gallery displays regarding anthracite mining and textile industries including those tools (many were real antique displays) used during their time, as well as photos of them reflecting the tough, harsh working conditions that they had been through.
The museum is really an ideal learning place for students and for those who love history. Very informative!

As usual, we don't get to go out from the museum without buying a fridge magnet, LOL! I also bought a set of jewelry with stones made from coal which I thought would carry a sentimental value for me. - a piece of a necklace with a cross pendant and a set of earrings with the coal stones on them!

We then thought of visiting Steamtown National Historic Site not far away from the museum, but our GPS led us to the Mall @ Steamtown. Well, I love malls anyway, so we just decided to go in the mall and had our lunch at the food court :).

After our lunch, we noticed that the food court has a walkway outside where below it were some old trains, so we thought of following the walkway all the way to the end and surprisingly, at the end of it was a road going to the Steamtown National Historic Site, where few meters away were the site. We missed the last steam train ride for the day and was already 3:45pm. They close at 5pm, so we still had a little more than an hour to go and see what's inside.

We had seen some more galleries in there including trains that are converted into train museums. We didn't miss the theater as usual, but as we were getting both sleepy inside, we just decided to leave and go back to our hotel.
Our day ended up with a yummy dinner at T.G.I.F'riday's.