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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Posted by Virgil Burks

My husband loves to watch golf. This weekend on his day off, he watched the tournament at Pebble Beach on direct TV all weekend. He thought that it was going to be “Tiger’s Comeback” course. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out for Tiger, but it did for Phil Mickelson. The guy that I call the Johnny Cash of golf because he is always dressed in black and apparently lives a rough and tumble life style. I did hear something cool when we were watching the players though. Phil Mickelson’s grandfather was an immigrant and used to ride the train to the Pebble Beach course ( one of the most ritzy in the word) and caddy for only twenty five cents a day. Now, his grandson is not only playing the course but making millions of dollars winning the tournament! I wonder what his granddad would say if he could see him now! I can’t even imagine commuting to a job everyday just so that you could make twenty five cents in pay! It almost seems unreal!