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Friday, February 10, 2012

Trip To Hershey & Visit To The Hershey Story Museum

Sept. 18, 2011

It was pouring hard when we left home! We left like 10:30am since it was a 2-hour drive going to Hershey. When we reached our hotel (Simmons Inn & Suites), it was dry but cloudy. Truly, the place was just close to most of the attractions, such as the Hershey Park, The Hershey Story Museum, Zoo America, and a half mile drive going to the Hershey Outlets!

We arrived like around past noon, checked ourselves in the hotel, then went to the Hershey Museum. The museum will be all about the history of the Hershey family, including Milton Hershey who made Hershey chocolates popular! Of course, obviously, he was the legend behind the tasty chocolate bars that are still a top favorite by many kids and adults alike!
You would be knowing a lot about the history of the Hersheys and how the popular Hershey chocolates became famous worldwide.
The whole museum is on the second floor, so after we were done with discovering all the facts, we went down and went to Cafe' Zooka, and had chocolate tasting. By the way, this is not for free, lol! You have to buy it with a certain price then you will be tasting 6 types of chocolates. Hubby loves chocolates! He didn't want to miss the chocolate tasting and so we did! I didn't like most of them except for Java that had the least amount of cacao in it.
Anyway, that was fun for hubby. He can eat however the taste is as long as it's a chocolate, lol! Most of the chocolates are made of 75% cacao and are thick and bitter! That is how pure chocolates are made.

It was around 4pm and we decided to get a late lunch, early dinner at The Devon Grill Restaurant, just across the museum's parking lot. This seems to be an upscale restaurant, but the food is great! It's worth the money! ;).
We then proceeded to the Hershey Outlets and had some shopping since it was way too early for the day. I got some stuff as usual. We tried to search for hubby's dress shirt sizes, but we couldn't find his size :(.

We went back to our hotel at around 6pm. It was tiring after we got settled on bed, so we slept like a log, I guess! ;)

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