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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Pre-Birthday Treat Surprise!

This year, is my first experience on how my husband almost drove me crazy guessing what my pre birthday surprise was couple days before my actual birthday. (My birthday is Nov. 21).
I didn't insist knowing what would that be until on the day the surprise will gonna happen.

On November 19, 2011 at around 1:30pm, I was ready by that time according to his instructions :). So, while we were in the car, he said we are going to Carroltown Plaza. We arrived there a bit early and told me we had to wait for the bus since it will arrive at 3pm.
I immediately guessed it right when I heard about the bus and it was the Rill's Bus Service. It was because we have done a trip with them before :).

From that on, he then told me about the whole itinerary trip, an hour 45 minutes shopping at the Hagerstown Prime Outlets, and then from there will be a short trip going to Antietam Recreation where a show called "Cowboy Christmas" will be held. This was a dinner show that lasted 2 hours. I will be posting all about the show and some photo clips that I attached with it some other time. :)