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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour Experience

September 18, 2011

It was a beautiful sunny day, but it was cold when we reached the place of Lackawanna. The trip going there was 30 minutes away from where our hotel was. We got to the place 5 minutes early. We thought their ticketing office opens at 9AM, but they are opening at 10AM.
Anyway, the lady let us in and she told us that the next tour schedule would be at 11:10AM because the first batch today was a group student tour. The ticket costs $10 per person...not bad for an educational experience :).
We had an hour wait so after getting our tickets we thought of going to the theater to watch about the history of coal mining in Lackawanna, but we got bored about the movie later, so we just decided to go out and went around the store shop quick, then got a quick snack at the canteen adjacent to the store.

Then, on to our tour! lasted an hour, and it was a fun and an informative experience to descend 300 feet underground which was a half-mile walking tour.
Our expert guide did a wonderful job explaining the life of coal miners and the jobs they do inside the coal mine tunnels as early as the 18th century.
It was also cold down there with a constant temperature of 53 degrees Fahrenheit all year round! It was a smart idea that I brought a jacket with me.

After the tour, we got a "souvenir", - a Miner's Certificate"! yay! Of course, this is not official, and is available at the exit area. LOL!