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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


May 21, 2011

After our visit at Winterthur and right after our late lunch, we thought of driving off to Longwood Gardens which was like 15-20 minutes away from the place. It was still early in the afternoon, so we decided we still have time to get in to the gardens and see the "Lilytopia".

I saw the photos online about the event and they were so captivating.
When we entered the East Conservatory of the gardens, the smell of the lilies were all over the place...very refreshing! It was like a perfumery in there :).

At the entrance was towering columns of lilies, and all you can see were "lily walls" that were arranged colorfully! It was amazing. If you love to take photos, you should have witnessed this event! There was no restriction of cameras at all. So, it was an unlimited opportunity for photo shoots!

No wonder why the displays where so astonishing and breathtaking. The designer is from Holland. The event serves to show the celebration of lily hybridizing in the golden age and also serves to showcase the recent products of the Dutch lily breeding efforts.
Kudos to all the designers and horticulturists, gardeners, Longwood staff and all people who contributed their help to have this pretty lilies displayed to the public!

The lilies in various colors were also displayed in huge vases with various shapes as well as bunches of blooms were displayed at the center of the conservatory. For me, the center blooms were the main attractions! They were so pretty, and smelling so good!

Craig was even so amazed about the displays. We both didn't expect this display would be so captivating that we thought it was all worth it driving there for a visit.
For me, it was just a lot of photos too!

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