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Monday, January 30, 2012

Travel Mags

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Thank goodness that New Y ork Energy Rates are lower than a lot of places in the United States, because everything else sure is more expensive! I moved to New York a couple of month ago. I came with a little bit of money saved up to provide for me for three months before I found a job. The job search took about a month, but I finally landed a job that I love! It is not exactly what I thought that I would be doing, but it will be a great resume builder and I think that I can work for several years at this magazine and get a lot of great experience. I was doing free lance writing before I moved to New York and decided that I wanted to get a real 9-5 job. I am currently working at a travel magazine. My real passion is political journalism, but I could not find a job in the field. I am gaining a lot of valuable experience about magazine construction and consumer appeal. I am going to keep chugging along until I make it to my dream magazine, “The New Yorker”.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Pre-Birthday Treat Surprise!

This year, is my first experience on how my husband almost drove me crazy guessing what my pre birthday surprise was couple days before my actual birthday. (My birthday is Nov. 21).
I didn't insist knowing what would that be until on the day the surprise will gonna happen.

On November 19, 2011 at around 1:30pm, I was ready by that time according to his instructions :). So, while we were in the car, he said we are going to Carroltown Plaza. We arrived there a bit early and told me we had to wait for the bus since it will arrive at 3pm.
I immediately guessed it right when I heard about the bus and it was the Rill's Bus Service. It was because we have done a trip with them before :).

From that on, he then told me about the whole itinerary trip, an hour 45 minutes shopping at the Hagerstown Prime Outlets, and then from there will be a short trip going to Antietam Recreation where a show called "Cowboy Christmas" will be held. This was a dinner show that lasted 2 hours. I will be posting all about the show and some photo clips that I attached with it some other time. :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

See Love Better With Valentine's Day - Designed Glasses!

The month of love is fast approaching. Are you trying to find that perfect Valentine's Day gift? Why not think about giving a gift that would be unique and at the same time helping them take care of their health such as giving them eye care protection, depending on their lifestyle? The best thing with it, is that you can readily choose one that would be best either for your parents, spouse, children, your siblings, friends, etc...your choice!

Valentine’s Day glasses from Zenni Optical have cool designs as well as trendy in styles! I love to have one of those too! ;) So, eyeglasses don't need to look boring afterall. These gorgeous glasses are so fashionable enough to wear as well, plus, the fact that it is affordable for many.
Zenni Optical has been a great help for many when it comes to eye care due to the fact that all of their products are always at low prices. The fact that they are affordable does not mean you have to compromise for the quality. In fact, all eyeglasses that they offer are made of high quality standards.

Whether you are looking for bifocal or progressive eyeglasses, glasses with rimless frames, can check them out conveniently online.
How about considering a $6.95 eyeglasses too? That is another great option if you are really super tight in your budget.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Mayan Ruins

San Gervasio, Cozumel, MEXICO - July 23, 2011

In one of my previous posts, I shared about our experience during our visit to the ruins as one of our itineraries during our Caribbean Cruise.

The Mayan Ruins is an ancient Mayan site during the early Mexican civilization and is now considered as the only protected Mayan site in Cozumel. It has 125 acres of lush green jungle with several ancient structures such as residence, shrines and ancient temples on the archeological site where those crumbling Mayan ruins lie amid lush jungle foliage.
As you explore the ancient structures, you will experience walking along a 1,200 year old limestone roads as you also get the chance to examine the vestiges of the Mayan constructions.

The tour guide will share all about the fascinating myths together with the history of this pre-Hispanic civilization, and be able to discover the story about the Mayan goddess of fertility - "Ixchel" for whom the site was dedicated. She is considered to be the goddess of women, childbirth, pilgrims, the moon and medicine. During those ancient times, many women made regulr pilgrimages to the "island of fertility" in canoes to express their gratitude for the children they had or seek blessings for the children they wished to have.

As you continue to stroll at your own pace, you might be luck enough to see iguanas or monkeys that scamper around. You can probably be able to see colorful birds as well hopping on the tree branches. These creatures can be there or none of them will appear on your sight the whole time you are there.

By the way, did you know that these ancient structures at San Gervasio were made from a combination of stucco, honey, gum (from gum trees) and crushed shells? You can be able to check them yourselves if you are planning to join this excursion!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Public Guidance & Safety Control Products

Can you imagine watching a big public show without any crowd control? I am sure you have watched news about some people get into bad accidents that cost their lives to end in a tragic death! I think we as part of the audience and the show management as well should be responsible enough to watch out our safety and security in order to enjoy the show.

In some other places or establishments, you can see stanchions as well as public guidance. Common sights are in the banks, hotels, cinemas, etc. For sure, you are seeing them often too which come in various designs and colors.
A stanchion made of velvet rope are considered to be durable that can last years of tough service. If you need one, this would be a good choice for your business.

Tougher controls in the outdoors should also be made in a manner that can stand bigger crowds such as barricades. Of course, you can choose what type of barricades you need depending on what type of crowd is expected in the area you wanted to be secure.
Bottom line is, it is always essential to be using crowd control products particularly if it is a public place frequented by crowds.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


May 21, 2011

After our visit at Winterthur and right after our late lunch, we thought of driving off to Longwood Gardens which was like 15-20 minutes away from the place. It was still early in the afternoon, so we decided we still have time to get in to the gardens and see the "Lilytopia".

I saw the photos online about the event and they were so captivating.
When we entered the East Conservatory of the gardens, the smell of the lilies were all over the place...very refreshing! It was like a perfumery in there :).

At the entrance was towering columns of lilies, and all you can see were "lily walls" that were arranged colorfully! It was amazing. If you love to take photos, you should have witnessed this event! There was no restriction of cameras at all. So, it was an unlimited opportunity for photo shoots!

No wonder why the displays where so astonishing and breathtaking. The designer is from Holland. The event serves to show the celebration of lily hybridizing in the golden age and also serves to showcase the recent products of the Dutch lily breeding efforts.
Kudos to all the designers and horticulturists, gardeners, Longwood staff and all people who contributed their help to have this pretty lilies displayed to the public!

The lilies in various colors were also displayed in huge vases with various shapes as well as bunches of blooms were displayed at the center of the conservatory. For me, the center blooms were the main attractions! They were so pretty, and smelling so good!

Craig was even so amazed about the displays. We both didn't expect this display would be so captivating that we thought it was all worth it driving there for a visit.
For me, it was just a lot of photos too!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Simply Unbeatable Deals!

Have you encountered a store that offers "real" good deals up to 90% off the regular price? Well, at least there might be some stores who still do it but it doesn't last long. A day or two and they are gone! How about a shopping destination that offers you daily deals everyday right to your email? Take note; - many are even quality named signature apparels, accessories and more including cool, trendy items. When it comes to the availability of choices, you can get to have various choices of amazing 100% authentic designer merchandise too!

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Be sure to watch the insanity deals too which are enclosed in a purple box. Here, you can really witness those crazy deals (and awesome too!) with prices you can't believe yourself, and yes, you are NOT really dreaming. This is real! So, be sure to be always on the look out, and make those eyes as keen as you can because they disappear really fast...which means once it's gone, it means it's sold out!

Nomorerack is already featured on various popular media shows and famous magazines. Although prices are offered at very low prices, items are matched with the highest quality and style standards. So, why not start a free account now? More incredible insane deals are coming, so don't miss those chances!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mayan Ruins & Beach Tour Experience

Our ship docked at around 12 noon at Cozumel. We still had enough time to grab a quick lunch in the ship before deciding to go off. Since we are signed up for the Mayan Ruins & Beach Tour, we went off the ship at around 1pm and met our tour guide at Puerta Maya. We had a big group in this tour. Puerta Maya is a good place to shop or eat. Smaller kids can also enjoy the sea breeze and some mini parks constructed around the area.
We then were taken to a bus and we took off to San Gervasio. It was like a 30-minute drive going there.

Upon reaching the site, many were caught unprepared because there was not even an early warning telling the tourists to be aware of mosquitoes while inside the ruins. Perhaps it's because they want those businesses to gain more income by selling those insect repellants spray at the entrance area! It was a perfect idea that I brought with me some Off wet wipes insect repellants which we used! It saved us from shelling out our 10 bucks!
We saw some of our companions who hadn't put on any insect repellants on them who just became busy swatting and slapping mosquitoes instead of listening to the tour guide, LOL! But heck! One of the ladies in our group got so many bites on her back and feet...eeewwww!!!
Anyway, we spent an hour-15 minutes inside the ruins and another 15 minutes for shopping . By the way, there was a complimentary mineral water given to each one at the end of the tour right at main gate before you go out from the ruins.

The beach tour is also included with the tour package, so we left off the Mayan Ruins and boarded the same bus and went to Playa Azul, one of those white sand beaches of Cozumel.
The tour says there is a free lunch included, but there was NO free lunch! I and hubby were getting hungry, so we ordered some Mexican tacos and grilled chicken tacos! I mean, we didn't mind paying for it. The only free one was a soda, one for each! It was great! I love the food! We were given 20 minutes to do what we want, swim on the beach or pool, or just sit back and relax under the shades, or do whatever things we wanna do at the seaside. We opted to have a swim in the pool. I forgot what the hotel's name was but that was where the pool was. We only had 20 minutes before our time's up, so we enjoyed the coolness of the water just to beat the heat before hitting back to the bus going back to the ship.

It was still fun, although time is too short for the enjoyment. We went to Puerta Maya, shopped some few stuff then went back to board the ship at around 6pm. hhhmmmm, just in time for dinner again, lol! What a nice life! While we are on that ship, we always eat every couple hours :). That was the end of our day in Mexico.

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