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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Your Guide To Buying Your Car

You can still be a smart shopper for a car, and beat the dealer's intimidation tactics! Getting some tips from the following steps will help you out ;).

Step #1: Instead of choosing a car you love and figure out the financing later, you decide how much you can allocate in your household budget for the finances after paying your necessities like your food bill, utilities and mortgage. Be sure to set aside cash payments as well out of what you make every few months such as for your kid's tuition or home owner's taxes.
To determine you car payment, include the monthly cost of the car note, insurance, gas and maintenance. Your note should not exceed more than 10% of your take-home pay.

Step#2: Try to choose a vehicle by getting yourself acquainted with information on prices, ratings, car comparisons and specifications. Decide up front what specific features you prefer. Also check safety features like remote anti-theft monitoring devices. Read consumer reviews as well.

Step#3: Car goes down in value about 10-20% when it is being driven off a lot. Take note also about added expenses like gas, maintenance and new vehicle warranty. As much as possible you want to avoid a case situation where your monthly gas allowance exceeds your monthly car payment.

Step:#4: To get the best price, buy at the end of the month, year or in September. It is during these times that dealers are under pressure to meet their sales goals ;). And, new models are usually released in September too so that businesses have to move the prior year's inventory.
Bargaining wisely is all about arming yourslef with information and saying no to pressure tactics. Remember, you also have the power to demand what you want in a car as a buyer, from the color to the price.

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