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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Relax And Take A Mini Break!

Weekend trips are easier to plan than long vacays. Usually, four-day weekend trips for fall can have jaw-dropping deals, so go for it!

Considering traveling off peak.October and November is considered 'shoulder season', - the months between high seasons at destinations. That means bargain rates and fewer people.

Go for a family camp. Imagine having your vacays without the mosquitoes, moldy bunks or bug juice :). That's usually the idea behind summer camps that run through fall and are typically held in lodges, with heating and good food.

You can rent a place like lakeside cabins and beach houses during off-season which are more likely to be rented by the night, rather than exclusively by the week at a good price. Also, it's nice renting it with friends. That way, you can share child care, and each couple has a night off and no one has to pay for a babysitter.

Consider hitting the water like cruise lines that offer quickie getaways. During fall, a 4-day trip can often cost the same as a three day one, and a lot of lines have built-in kid programs, so you have the option of gown up R & R. :)

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