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Friday, December 16, 2011

Golf in Vegas

One of my hubby's favorite sports is golf. It was the summer last year when he started training me the basics of golfing and I find it fun!...and a lot of exercise too ;). Other than the aching arms and legs because of the long walks, golf is a cool kind of sport, and I no longer need to wonder why my husband is liking it as well.

On the other hand, I once visited Vegas last 2009 in December and I learned to like the place while we were there. Every time I happen to look at our photos, I would always tell my husband how I wish I could go back there again :).
And perhaps, this time, there is a much more valid reason to bring it up again with him speaking of golf!
I didn't even know there are a lot of awesome country clubs out there, a very good reason to choose Las Vegas Tee Times probably with friends or his co worker's group.
And yes...weatherwise, it would be just perfectly much better than playing golf in the eastern coast nowadays, lol!

I am also thinking of getting back to my trainings. I need to stretch up some more! ;).