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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be Well While You Fly

Imagine with a trip that is long, baggage fees, zero leg room, etc...those are but exhausting things just by thinking about them.
But the following tips can help you and keep you stay healthy until you land!

Be sure to carry with you hand sanitizers. Places on the plane are usually things that get dirty more often...sneezing, coughing, things touched by people with dirty hands, etc...
Next line of defense is sleep! You should avoid staying up late at night before you travel. Lack of rest can cause a drop in immune function.

Don't wonder if you feel bloated while high up in the air. It is due to the fact that there is a rise of air pressure during your flight, and this can slow your digestion that makes you feel inflated. To counteract this, take something rich in magnesium. This is a muscle relaxant that loosens muscles in the gut that control digestion and can ease cramping and bloating. Good example you can take with you is Natural Calm, a powdered supplement that can be mixed into tea or water. You can also snack magnesium-rich nuts like whole grains.

Throbbing headaches can also be another culprit due to extra dry air on planes that can dehydrate you. Drink lots of water, and less alcohol. A coconut water is also good which is rich in potassium, a mineral that helps bring water into your body.

Avoid getting stiff and sore on your seat particularly in a long flight. Stand on your toes and go up and down, pumping your calves. Then grab each foot behind your butt and bend your knee to stretch your thigh. This is to avoid muscle pain and help prevent blood clots by boosting circulation.

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