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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Moving to Vegas

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

Moving here to Vegas was a really huge life decision – it wasn’t something I took lightly. I was really worried that I’d be going out too much and not be able to focus on what was important at life but at the end of the day it was all about whether or not I had the motivation to really succeed on my own. As it turns out I not only had the motivation, I had the skill to be REALLY good at the hospitality business and that’s helped me immensely! I’ve now got my own home with furniture to boot and I even got a Directv nevada to watch games – how’s that for financially sound? I just wish I had thought to do something like this a long time ago – it really would have helped me gain some confidence to be on my feet and not worry so much about what my parents thought of me or my life choices. I feel good about life and about where my immediate future is headed.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Get The Best Deals In Town!

For many who may not be aware, internet surfing can give you lots of information, and savings depending on what specific things you want to know or get. Almost all information and everything related to what we do everyday and we need can already be seen on the world wide web.

For instance, you can shop online, buy groceries online, order food online, read any information you want to learn about, etc... And speaking about online shopping, it is here where you can get big savings, discounts, coupons, daily deals, big sales and clearances and more as well.

Come to think of it, there are lots of free wi-fi nowadays. All you need to do is have your own laptop/PC and connect to it. You no longer have to run to your store and get your daily paper, cut coupons, etc...then, drive to your favorite department/grocery stores and buy's such a hassle! Internet is doing all the convenience for us, don't you think?

I am glad I found I am a frequent shopper online, and it is one of those reasons why I love online shopping because I know there are lotJustify Fulls of daily deals and discount coupons out there. Yipit does give me where are the best deals around my neighborhood stores. Awww, this is sweet! ;). It can also help me get those deals when I am out of town and can just proceed to shop online, or at least I know where to go for a dinner next time I am home ;). I already signed up for yipit! And guess what? I am so surprised, I found one of those signature purse that is 50% off, lol!
Thanks yipit!! Yippeey! :)).

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cheap Holiday Themed Glasses from Zenni!

Zenni Optical has been gaining a lot of positive reviews from customers who were able to experience their services and their very affordable eyeglasses.
I think it helped many people avail eye cares and get affordable and yet high quality made glasses for all.
What is interesting to note is that Zenni Optical doesn't spend much about paid advertising. Mostly, people that are customers spread the "good word" by mouth through their own experiences ;). And probably for some, such as those internet surfers out there, they for sure know what are the services and the exclusive deals and specials they offer daily as well.
Products are directly fresh from the factories without any retail overhead, and no middlemen involved, one of the reasons why they sell them with a budget-friendly prices.
Another few more things good for these eyeglass products are that they are manufactured in fashionable and stylish ways to complement various customer likings and yet still are made out of great durability, safety and comfort too!
And most of all, this holiday season, Zenni Optical extends their Christmas greetings to all and now offers FREE shipping for all orders worth $50 or more within US territories.
Aren't you glad there is Zenni that takes care of everybody's eyes even during these holiday seasons? You might want to check those fantastic eye wears and you can even choose to have a holiday themed style to wear this season :).

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Raystown Lake & Horseshoe Curve Experience

October 8, 2011

(as posted by my husband ;)

We began our day around 5:00 am with Ging awaking at 5:30. this is difficult for her but as usual she had us completely prepared with everything. so with our map quest in hand and GPS suction cupped to the dasboard, We were off and arrived early to our pick up point. Many were already there because senoir citizens arrive early. Ging would again be the baby of the trip although Lauren our hostess was young and looked alot like Nicole.

This was our first time using Rill's bus service and they were excellent; on time, nice and ready for us. Many of the folks had been with them and been together before because it felt like a family reunion. At exactly 7;45 am, we went to the second stop in Taylorsville to pick up a couple. After that we stopped in Middletown and had breakfast at McDonalds.

We left McDonalds and 2 hours later we arrived at the Raystown Lake Resort & Lodge. There we found the "Proud Mary", a paddlewheel criuse vessel waiting for us. We had a very traditional style buffet lunch which was really dinner served at lunch time, very delicious!

After the buffet we went on the top deck of the vessel and enjoyed a beautiful view of the lake and the beginning colors of fall. The weather was beautiful and a real highlight of the trip. The passengers were very pleasant and we enjoyed good conversation as well.

We both enjoy the fall foliage so we wanted to see a little of it before we leave for the Philippines.

Our next stop was to the special Railroad museum in Altoona. We watched a very interesting film and learned that Altoona was once the steam engine rail road capital of the world!

We had a chance to go back in time as we explored the museum and discovered what life was like during the hey day of the steam locomotive.

We learned that one of the challenges of expanding the rail road to the west, were the mountains. the answer to some of this challenge was the creation of the "Horseshoe Curve". This special curving rail gave height the rail and allows the locomotive to navigate the mountain. This was very impressive to watch since there are four parallel rails and we watched several long trains going on the curve in opposite directions.

Finally, with a very full day, it was dinner time and so we headed back with a final food stop at Gateway to alleviate our hunger. This took a lot longer that we planned since another bus had arrived there right before us. However, we were rounded up by Lauren & Joe (our driver) promptly and got on our way on time.

On the way home Rose (who was our informal leader) sent around an envelope for tips. I presented the envelope to Lauren & Joe as thanks for the great job they did. I called us the "Silver Fox" traveling group and made Rose our President.

We then arrived safely at our pick up point, drove home and reflected on a great day! Thanks to Ging!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Golf in Vegas

One of my hubby's favorite sports is golf. It was the summer last year when he started training me the basics of golfing and I find it fun!...and a lot of exercise too ;). Other than the aching arms and legs because of the long walks, golf is a cool kind of sport, and I no longer need to wonder why my husband is liking it as well.

On the other hand, I once visited Vegas last 2009 in December and I learned to like the place while we were there. Every time I happen to look at our photos, I would always tell my husband how I wish I could go back there again :).
And perhaps, this time, there is a much more valid reason to bring it up again with him speaking of golf!
I didn't even know there are a lot of awesome country clubs out there, a very good reason to choose Las Vegas Tee Times probably with friends or his co worker's group.
And yes...weatherwise, it would be just perfectly much better than playing golf in the eastern coast nowadays, lol!

I am also thinking of getting back to my trainings. I need to stretch up some more! ;).

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be Well While You Fly

Imagine with a trip that is long, baggage fees, zero leg room, etc...those are but exhausting things just by thinking about them.
But the following tips can help you and keep you stay healthy until you land!

Be sure to carry with you hand sanitizers. Places on the plane are usually things that get dirty more often...sneezing, coughing, things touched by people with dirty hands, etc...
Next line of defense is sleep! You should avoid staying up late at night before you travel. Lack of rest can cause a drop in immune function.

Don't wonder if you feel bloated while high up in the air. It is due to the fact that there is a rise of air pressure during your flight, and this can slow your digestion that makes you feel inflated. To counteract this, take something rich in magnesium. This is a muscle relaxant that loosens muscles in the gut that control digestion and can ease cramping and bloating. Good example you can take with you is Natural Calm, a powdered supplement that can be mixed into tea or water. You can also snack magnesium-rich nuts like whole grains.

Throbbing headaches can also be another culprit due to extra dry air on planes that can dehydrate you. Drink lots of water, and less alcohol. A coconut water is also good which is rich in potassium, a mineral that helps bring water into your body.

Avoid getting stiff and sore on your seat particularly in a long flight. Stand on your toes and go up and down, pumping your calves. Then grab each foot behind your butt and bend your knee to stretch your thigh. This is to avoid muscle pain and help prevent blood clots by boosting circulation.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Original Scrubs Collection By Blue Sky

If you are working in the hospital, clinic or any other medical facility that requires a uniform, why choose the old traditional boring cut?

You can now conveniently buy one or more for your own at this link: - and you can choose any of those colors you want that have fashionable stitching. Once you started wearing them, it would be like "who says hospital uniforms are boring and dull?!", don't you think?

Don't forget to check those hospital uniform scrubs as well and you will be amazed on various designs and colors which are only exclusive designs by Blue Sky! You can shop by color as well and add them to your wardrobe just in case you wear certain color of uniforms in every unit that you work with. You can even choose to shop for your other uniform accessories such as the Luxe earring collection which are perfect accents to your scrubs for women.

Blue Sky Scrubs are starting to attract more attention from customers all over the world due to its unique and high quality designs that are only exclusively from them.

Your Guide To Buying Your Car

You can still be a smart shopper for a car, and beat the dealer's intimidation tactics! Getting some tips from the following steps will help you out ;).

Step #1: Instead of choosing a car you love and figure out the financing later, you decide how much you can allocate in your household budget for the finances after paying your necessities like your food bill, utilities and mortgage. Be sure to set aside cash payments as well out of what you make every few months such as for your kid's tuition or home owner's taxes.
To determine you car payment, include the monthly cost of the car note, insurance, gas and maintenance. Your note should not exceed more than 10% of your take-home pay.

Step#2: Try to choose a vehicle by getting yourself acquainted with information on prices, ratings, car comparisons and specifications. Decide up front what specific features you prefer. Also check safety features like remote anti-theft monitoring devices. Read consumer reviews as well.

Step#3: Car goes down in value about 10-20% when it is being driven off a lot. Take note also about added expenses like gas, maintenance and new vehicle warranty. As much as possible you want to avoid a case situation where your monthly gas allowance exceeds your monthly car payment.

Step:#4: To get the best price, buy at the end of the month, year or in September. It is during these times that dealers are under pressure to meet their sales goals ;). And, new models are usually released in September too so that businesses have to move the prior year's inventory.
Bargaining wisely is all about arming yourslef with information and saying no to pressure tactics. Remember, you also have the power to demand what you want in a car as a buyer, from the color to the price.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

What is "That!"?

You are probably wondering what the title of this post is all about? :) If you are very keen about minute details that exist and/or what is happening all around the world wide web, you might probably know what I am referring to, right?

Whether you are an internet addict, an active online surfer, will know what I'm saying.

For those who are not familiar, That! is a company that many business company clients and other consumers would depend upon when it comes to advertising their services and products in order to attract clients and revenues as well.
Advertising Agency today plays a vital role in promoting marketing strategies to all types of companies that need them.
With That! company, it is always a good thing to note that they are aware and knowledgeable in what they do when it comes to advertising campaigns and that they are experts in their own way in combining both the old and new media strategies to create a mixed media marketing experience. Thank goodness for those who compose their team of highly trained advertising specialists that are always focused on various types of industries.

In order for a marketing and advertising company to succeed, is to create clever ads and campaigns that deliver high impact to the public. And it's all a matter of a smart marketing strategic planning that counts in order for business companies to attract more income and revenues.

If you need services that are done that way, That! company is probably the one that you are searching for. Whether you are searching for an advertising agency, or you need help on your business online through search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click strategy (PPC), call tracking and other services that are related to creative advertisements, don't hesitate to get in touch with That! online or by phone. You can easily access them via their homepage online and conveniently request a FREE portfolio about their company's services if you want to know more about what they can do for you and your company as well.

It's time to work with That! for dividends that pays!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Relax And Take A Mini Break!

Weekend trips are easier to plan than long vacays. Usually, four-day weekend trips for fall can have jaw-dropping deals, so go for it!

Considering traveling off peak.October and November is considered 'shoulder season', - the months between high seasons at destinations. That means bargain rates and fewer people.

Go for a family camp. Imagine having your vacays without the mosquitoes, moldy bunks or bug juice :). That's usually the idea behind summer camps that run through fall and are typically held in lodges, with heating and good food.

You can rent a place like lakeside cabins and beach houses during off-season which are more likely to be rented by the night, rather than exclusively by the week at a good price. Also, it's nice renting it with friends. That way, you can share child care, and each couple has a night off and no one has to pay for a babysitter.

Consider hitting the water like cruise lines that offer quickie getaways. During fall, a 4-day trip can often cost the same as a three day one, and a lot of lines have built-in kid programs, so you have the option of gown up R & R. :)

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Baby Boys Gifts For Christmas

Still in a rush to buy gifts this Christmas? Or perhaps still looking for ideal gifts good for baby boys? There are a lot of items to choose from whenever you buy them online.

How about buying new baby boys clothes online? Check those new arrivals including those awesome boy clothing sets. You can also save time buying your gift boxes or gift wrappers and your gift wrapping sessions by just directly buying the items from beautifully boxed gift sets! Hassle-free, right? It's definitely a gift you could give to your babies from the gift of Tea! ;)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weatherproofing Your Vacation

How would you feel being disrupted from travels? Too much upsetting and hassles, right? But no matter who's fault or right it is, there are steps you should take to prepare for the stormy days ahead on your trip.

Before you go, book nonstop flights whenever possible. You'll be more apt to be affected by bad weather if you have stop-overs at in intermediate airport. If you must stop, avoid hubs that are prone to weather delays, like Chicago O'Hare.

Try going for morning departures. If your flight is among the last night, the airline is more likely to cancel it altogether.

Sign up for flight-status notifications from your airline. They will send you emails and text updates to your phone in the event of delays and cancellations.

Never assume that every flight to your destination is being scratched because yours was. Try using TripIt Pro (cost $49 per year subscription) which will search for open seats on alternate flights. if you find one, ask your carrier to endorse your ticket to the new airline.

Pack your carry on with delays in mind which will end you up waiting in hours, or even overnight for bad weather to clear. Be prepared with stuck-in-the terminal clothing and amenities.

By knowing all what to do when storms threaten your travel plans, you can save time and money.

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