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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Visit To Winterthur Museum & Garden

May 21, 2011

Another typical weekend for us, so we thought of driving going to Winterthur to see what are worth seeing in there. We are not sure what to expect, except that it must be a house museum and the garden.
We usually pass by the place everytime we go to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, so we decided why not try pay a visit?

Winterthur is a museum, garden and country estate located at Wintherthur, Delaware and now houses many of the most important collections of American decorative arts with a nearly 90,000 objects made or used between the years 1640 and 1860. This is the former home of Henry Francis du Pont, a renowned horticulturist and antique collector.

We started at the Visitor Center to get our tickets and hopped in the tram for the garden tour. The garden has a vast area and might take us a while if we will take a walk throughout the entire garden. By doing that, we won't be able to visit the museum and the galleries or some other spots we wanted to see. So, the best choice was the tram.
The tram was a short ride, afterwhich we dropped off at the house museum. We were then scheduled for a tour at 1PM. We still had 40 minutes to spare to go around while waiting. The vintage car collections caught our attention which were displayed around the area so we took photos of them. They all look interesting, lol!

The house museum tour was 2 hours, and it was quite impressive to see all of Du Pont's collections including those floral designs of kitchen silverwares, and some more arts on the wall and paint designs in most of the rooms inside the house.
The Du Pont family were really one of the wealthiest during their time! It is no joke to tour the entire house for 2 hours because of its huge size...tons of rooms and lots of stairs, LOL!

By the time the tour was over, we were starving! Our day ended with a late lunch at the cafeteria. Their food was great! ;)

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