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Monday, November 28, 2011

Save Time, Fly Faster!

For those jet setters like me, you should take some time to know the tricks if you want to save time and get to your destinations quick. Hassle-free feelings, right?
You might want to consider these tips:

Airports tend to be less crowded during Tuesdays or Wednesdays. It's also even better to leave on Saturday morning, since most business travelers fly on Fridays. Always try to catch the first flight out any day to avoid the ripple effects of delays.

Whne booking, check on smaller airports because they are not as busy and have fewer delays than the biggies.

Have your boarding passes in hand and can head to the gate if you're not checking luggage. So, it's better to print your boarding passes at home.

Avoid items that can unexpectedly cause problems such as underwire bras and hairpins as they set off metal detectors. Avoid wrapped gifts and tangled cords as well. These can save you all from the hassle of the rescan!