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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pack a Health Kit For Travel

Illness and injury can cut a vacation short any time, so travel experts recommend to be always be prepared for the worst. Packing a well-stocked travel health kit can be just as vital as any guidebook in a medical emergency.

Your health kit's contents depend on your destination and planned activities, but the Centers for Disease Control recommends all travelers to take a basic first-aid kit with items such as adhesive bandages, antiseptic, gauze and an ace wrap. Pakc moleskin for blisters if you're walking across Europe, and take with you water purification tablets if you're cruising along the Amazon River.

If you are into dog sledding in Alaska for example, Take plenty of common cold remedies and cough drops. And don't drink the water in Mexico unless you've packed your kit with antacids and antidiarrheal medicines. There may not be a drug store around to where you will be going so better to bring your own.

When traveling with prescribe medications, health experts advise their patients to carry them on the plane. Make copies of all prescriptions, including their generic names, should they get lost or the trip run long.

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