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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Highlights Of China

In Beijing, you can get to tour the city's ancient "hutong" areas where you can explore beyond major monuments and modern boulevards. The bustling neighborhoods with twisting alleyways, tiny shops and historic courtyard homes reflect Beijing's as it was before its modern makeover.
The best to explore on your own are the hutongs surrounding Qianhai ("front lake") and Houhai ("rear lake").

Shopping in Shanghai
You couldn't afford to miss Shanghai's shopping scene. From the glamour of the boulevards to the colorful chaos of the markets. Along the city's most famous waterfront boulevard called the "Bund" are the designer boutiques. Wander among the groovy shops and galleries in the former French Concession; and haggle for jade, silk, pearls and ceramics at the city's many excellent markets.

Scenic Southwest China
Area surrounding the city of Yangshuo is nothing less than spectacular. Rising almost vertically from the landscape are dramatic limestone karst hills giving the entire region a mythical air. Experience the magical area by taking a boat and tour on the meandering Li River and visit some of the tiny rural villages that have lined its banks for centuries.

Have fun! ;)

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