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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saving Smart On Holiday Flights

Most airfares have been rising steadily over the past year which means you will have to pay much higher for a holiday trip back home.
Holidays are fast approaching, so the following strategies serve as a heads up if you plan to travel during the holiday season.

Know when to act by using the price-predictor tool at and check to see which direction fares on your route are heading. If up, buy it now, if not, hold out. Some airlines are also discounting during midweek. Tuesdays at 3pm EST is generally the best time to shop.

Airfare sales aren't always widely advertised and vanish fast, so the best thing to do is to sign up for email alerts through and You can also follow your favorite airlines at twitter as many tweet out news of discounts.

Search for flights on sites that take fees into account.Tripadvisor's fee estimator for example ( lets you input your frequent-flier status, number of bags, and desired refreshments.

So, you ready for your holiday trip plan sooner??
Have a happy trip!

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