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Monday, October 3, 2011

High Price of Car Rentals & How To Keep Your Costs Down

Car-rental rates are sky rocketing! The main reason for the rising costs are smaller rental fleets and fewer available cars means higher prices.
So, here are some tips you can do to help keep your own rental costs in check:

Rent at an off-airport location.

Know the real rate you'll be paying before you book. Local taxes, surcharges and fees can double the base rate. Be sure to ask how much those charges before hand.

Try choosing a rental company based on the price and not on loyalty program memberships if you are renting infrequently. Those loyalty programs are designed primarily to streamline the pick-up process and may not give you lower rates.

Never accept the agency's "loss damage waiver" or LDW unless you don't have any alternative. Chance is that you already are covered by your personal car insurance or through your credit card.

Any gas you leave in the tank is money in the agency's pocket, so never accept the prepaid gas option. There are gas stations usually close to the rental lots where you can fill up before you return the car.

Be sure to know when the car rental agency closes. Smaller agencies in second-and third-tier cities are not 24-hour operations, and same is true with off-airport locations in any city. You might end up returning your car with the agency closed which could mean another extra day's worth of charges.

Search for online discounts and coupons that are readily available when you look for them. Try which can search out those discounts for you and applies them to your rental when you book and can automatically rebooks you at the lower rate if the price drops.

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