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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Easy Strategies to Score A Travel Upgrade

It's now a lot harder to get a better seat or nicer cars for no extra cash now that airlines have pared back flights, and rental car agencies have slimmed fleets.
How to improve them is something that counts:

On the Plane:

Pick your plane wisely. Those that choose Boeing 757s with first class seats have a better shot than those on an Airbus 320. Check a plane's layout at

The more empty seats in first, the better your chances of landing one. Try to go to the airline's website before checking-in and start looking for business-class ticket, and click view seat map.

The best day for upgrades is Saturdays. Go to your agent and say something like "If you need to bump people from coach to first, please consider me. I'm low maintenance-and my back is killing me."

At the Hotel:

Try staying at business hotels on weekends. You can get a good chance of improving your upgrade by staying Thrusday to Sunday vs. midweek.

Try using the special request box on an online reservation, call the hotel directly and talk to the desk clerk at check-in and say: "We're celebrating {your event}. Any chance of an upgrade?"

Check-in late like try arriving after 7pm when the front desk knows which rooms are left.

At The Car Counter:

If a company runs out of the vehicle class you reserved, it will likely upgrade you.

Reserve at the right time. The peak pick up times are usually Friday nights and Monday mornings which means there is less chance the car class you reserved will be available.

Search for special offers on the car agency's site, on your credit card's site or on coupon's pages such as