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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sail In Paradise!

Do you love sailing? They say that sailing Croatia is a paradise. if I would be given the chance, why not? I love cruising! I could never forget my first Caribbean cruise ever last summer. Perhaps, one of these days, I will be able to experience sailing in Croatia, another place worth visiting. It is kinda interesting visiting some places, whether by the water, by land or air :).

You might just want to check Croatia Yacht Club with regards to their sailing packages and motorboat and sailboat renting packages. You can also choose how many cabin boat you prefer. They have availability of 2 to 5 cabin boats.
Did you know that Croatia is one of Europes sunniest countries that has more than 2,700 hours of sun per year? It also has many islands with blue lagoons, caves and cozy wonder it is a perfect haven for sailing.

Croatia Yacht Club will be the perfect company to go to when it comes to boat charters, sailing routes, etc. It would be the company where you can get helpful tips and advice when it comes to sailing.

It must be nice experiencing Croatia sailing adventures! Definitely, this would be something i can enjoy. I always love summer...there are a lot of outdoor fun to experience.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Divorce Attorneys For Men

Divorce is not always a happy thing to experience. And for countries and places that recognize divorce, people who undergo with the process is tough. Effects of divorce can be a very horrible experience for many which include psychological trauma that can lead to depression, suicide and many other factors that tend to put one's personality in bad aspect including death.

Men are not exempted from being affected by it. Divorce and fighting for fathers rights are one big, tough battle to carry while in the process, the reason why there should be a partner men can count on to defend for themselves and for their rights as fathers. Of course, if everybody of us happened to be under this circumstance, we always want the best divorce attorneys who have expertise, dedication, proven track of experience and professionalism.
Cordell and Cordell lawyers for divorce can be of help to those who need services for divorce, child custody, child support, asset division and other legal matters for men.

You might want to read more information about Cordell&Cordell Reviews if you want to familiarize yourself with their image and their experiences as well. Get in touch with them online or by phone today!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You'll Gonna Love CyberMondays!

I bet you would be familiar when many people would say "I hate Mondays." I once asked one friend of mine why she hates Mondays, and she replied it is because it is the start of the day when piled paper works have to be done. But in fairness, there are other people who love work. I tend to love Mondays whenever I am working in an office. It is because it is the day where I have the full charge to take care of all things that need to be done.

And I also love Mondays when there are cybermonday deals! :) I can't deny the fact that I always love to shop, and I also love deals and bargains as well. Who doesn't want discounts when they shop anyway, right?
I shop most of the time online. I actually prefer doing it than going to the store or in the mall, because whatever I need to buy online, they always have it, particularly if I shop for my own wardrobes. The sizes and styles are always perfect as much as I feel comfortable wearing them as well.

So, treat yourself a little bit when it comes to shopping. Stay home, relax and shop 'til you drop by just clicking your mouse on your PC ;). Get the nicest deal online from Dealio. I bookmarked it already.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Queen Mary's Self-Guided & Audio Tour Guide

Here is a short tip I want to share for those who would prefer doing the self-guided tour with an audio.
I mentioned in one of my previous posts about my experience with the audio tour and unluckily, I wasn't able to finish it.

There is a little bit of a tricky part on the audio tour's instructions that I ended up getting lost and couldn't find the right spot.

On your audio instructions, you need to walk out to another location starting at stop three (3) which is located on the promenade deck.
You will need to walk to the Upper Decks for the next stop on the audio tour. To travel from the lower decks to the upper decks, exit the Queen Mary Story Timeline (D Deck) and walk towards the Attraction Attendant where you first entered. They will point you to the staircase leading to the Queen Mary Walkway.

Follow the walkway alongside the ship, which will lead you to the main elevator tower. Take the elevator to Level 4. This will take you to the Promenade Deck where your next audio tour stop awaits at the stern (back) of the ship.

The Exhibits and Points of Interest:

Sports Deck - Officers' Quarters, Wireless Room (W6RO), Access to Bridge and Wheel House

Sun Deck - Life Boat Demonstration

Promenade Deck - Passenger Information, Starboard Bakery, Access to Bow, Main Hall, WWH Display and Stairs to Isolation Ward

"M" Deck - Main - Bow Area

"A" Deck - Ghosts & Legends Exit, Immortal Chaplains Sanctuary, Old Fire Station, Hotel Lobby and Isolation Ward

"R" Deck - Queen Mary Walkway, Ghost & Legends and Queen Mary Art gallery

"D" Deck - Wharf - Stairs to Ghosts & Legends and Queen Mary Art Gallery Entrance, Russian Submarine, Entrance to the Engine Room, Timeline, Queen Mary Historic Exhibit and Audio Tour Booth.

Monday, October 10, 2011

#1 Chicago Bus Service

If you are heading for a trip to Chicago, whether for a business purpose, educational field trips or just a plain pleasure trip, and going in a larger group, one of the best option to do it is through Chicago Charter Bus Rental.

If you have heard about Pontarelli Company, that is what I am referring to ;). The company offers its customers (particularly groups that consist of 14-16 people), rentals for mini buses, luxurious charter buses and limo buses that can be mostly comfortable and convenient for all group members while traveling. Just imagine the comfort of relaxing inside their charter bus, for example, which is equipped with TV's, bars and musical stereos and without being stuck at the driver's seat! I call that 100% stress-free, where you all have to do is relax and rest.

There are also limo bus appointments ideal for large executive groups that needs a transport to their own locations such as hotels and convention centers, and if you belong to a group for field trips or guided sightseeing tours, there are also services provided like corporate shuttles as well.

There are also services available for long term or short term use of limo bus shuttles if you would prefer.
In need of a service to or from the airport? That's not a problem as well because Pontarelli has staff to help you assist in every step of your way.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saving Smart On Holiday Flights

Most airfares have been rising steadily over the past year which means you will have to pay much higher for a holiday trip back home.
Holidays are fast approaching, so the following strategies serve as a heads up if you plan to travel during the holiday season.

Know when to act by using the price-predictor tool at and check to see which direction fares on your route are heading. If up, buy it now, if not, hold out. Some airlines are also discounting during midweek. Tuesdays at 3pm EST is generally the best time to shop.

Airfare sales aren't always widely advertised and vanish fast, so the best thing to do is to sign up for email alerts through and You can also follow your favorite airlines at twitter as many tweet out news of discounts.

Search for flights on sites that take fees into account.Tripadvisor's fee estimator for example ( lets you input your frequent-flier status, number of bags, and desired refreshments.

So, you ready for your holiday trip plan sooner??
Have a happy trip!

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Easy Strategies to Score A Travel Upgrade

It's now a lot harder to get a better seat or nicer cars for no extra cash now that airlines have pared back flights, and rental car agencies have slimmed fleets.
How to improve them is something that counts:

On the Plane:

Pick your plane wisely. Those that choose Boeing 757s with first class seats have a better shot than those on an Airbus 320. Check a plane's layout at

The more empty seats in first, the better your chances of landing one. Try to go to the airline's website before checking-in and start looking for business-class ticket, and click view seat map.

The best day for upgrades is Saturdays. Go to your agent and say something like "If you need to bump people from coach to first, please consider me. I'm low maintenance-and my back is killing me."

At the Hotel:

Try staying at business hotels on weekends. You can get a good chance of improving your upgrade by staying Thrusday to Sunday vs. midweek.

Try using the special request box on an online reservation, call the hotel directly and talk to the desk clerk at check-in and say: "We're celebrating {your event}. Any chance of an upgrade?"

Check-in late like try arriving after 7pm when the front desk knows which rooms are left.

At The Car Counter:

If a company runs out of the vehicle class you reserved, it will likely upgrade you.

Reserve at the right time. The peak pick up times are usually Friday nights and Monday mornings which means there is less chance the car class you reserved will be available.

Search for special offers on the car agency's site, on your credit card's site or on coupon's pages such as

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Your Car Accident Attorney

If you are not sure where to seek legal help for an injury that affected you or your family and you think you have a case to fight for, perhaps you can check with the law firm of O'Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath. The firm is based in Austin, Texas so I am sure this would be a good news for those who are Austin residents.

If your case happened to be a car accident and it was not your fault, it is time to seek a reputable Austin car accident lawyer who has the expertise to represent you in obtaining any compensation you deserve to have. Your lawyer should also possess the highly knowledgeable skills in defending you to help you fight for the right you deserve.

Get in touch with them today for a free consultation.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

Monday, October 3, 2011

Your Guide To Hawaii Real Estate

It is always one of my dreams to visit Hawaii someday. There was one plan of getting there suppose to be this month for a work trip, but unfortunately, it was cancelled! :(

On the other hand, in two years time, my husband would be retiring. It must have been awesome to plan of getting a retirement home in Hawaii. I have so many reasons why I like Hawaii. First is the tropical climate. Then, the people, the beach, and the scenic coastal areas. It really fascinates me just by looking at those photos. How much more seeing them real!

For those who have thoughts of choosing Hawaii as their paradise for good, perhaps you should try Maui. I have heard exciting experiences and seen many photos that prove this is a true paradise for those who are nature lovers!
Maui Condos For Sale are available from the listings of Maui Real Estate online. These condos are mostly close to the ocean. So, just imagine how spectacular your place will be, waking up early in the morning and catching a fresh morning sea breeze. Isn't it invigorating to have that kind of life daily? :)

By the way, there are also available place for vacation rentals. If you're a frequent visitor there, it is ideal to look for a good vacation place to enjoy one of the nature's paradise!

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High Price of Car Rentals & How To Keep Your Costs Down

Car-rental rates are sky rocketing! The main reason for the rising costs are smaller rental fleets and fewer available cars means higher prices.
So, here are some tips you can do to help keep your own rental costs in check:

Rent at an off-airport location.

Know the real rate you'll be paying before you book. Local taxes, surcharges and fees can double the base rate. Be sure to ask how much those charges before hand.

Try choosing a rental company based on the price and not on loyalty program memberships if you are renting infrequently. Those loyalty programs are designed primarily to streamline the pick-up process and may not give you lower rates.

Never accept the agency's "loss damage waiver" or LDW unless you don't have any alternative. Chance is that you already are covered by your personal car insurance or through your credit card.

Any gas you leave in the tank is money in the agency's pocket, so never accept the prepaid gas option. There are gas stations usually close to the rental lots where you can fill up before you return the car.

Be sure to know when the car rental agency closes. Smaller agencies in second-and third-tier cities are not 24-hour operations, and same is true with off-airport locations in any city. You might end up returning your car with the agency closed which could mean another extra day's worth of charges.

Search for online discounts and coupons that are readily available when you look for them. Try which can search out those discounts for you and applies them to your rental when you book and can automatically rebooks you at the lower rate if the price drops.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Laser Skin Treatments in Miami

If you think Hollywood is the only place to go for laser treatments or reconstructive plastic surgery, you're wrong!

Skin Tightening, one of the most common procedure being done today is almost available to all clinics today. But you have to be sure they are professional and expert enough to do it for you.
Miami residents should be happy having one nearby. So, if you are one of those who want to look youthful to make you feel more confident, it would be worth a visit to see Dr. Maerck's clinic ;).

Of course, many patients would always want the best outcome, and the way they want it to be done, and one of the reasons why they have the right to choose a uniquely qualified surgeon when it comes to any aesthetic surgery.

Many skin tightening procedures are not only limited to the facial area but in some areas of the body that tend to be losing skin elasticity due to the the effects of factors such as genetics, age, weight and other factors.
Also, skin tightening can either be performed through surgery or without surgery. Perhaps, many clients would still ask medical experts for any alternative options prior to deciding on surgery. The good news is that, yes, they can tighten their skin without surgery! :)

More information can be worth checking at Dr. Maerck's clinic.