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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

United Conveyor Corporation

Surely with a company such as United Conveyor Corp. (UCC), work is always tough, but with an excellent technology engineered with a unique criteria, it has proven itself reliable for almost a century in material handling technology that delivers innovative solutions that meet the changing market needs, improving power plant's performance.

Don't judge until you will be able to witness its pneumatic conveying system that delivers superior performance.

UCC has gone a long way as a global leader that offers reagent handling, dry sorbent, bottom and fly ash systems in the industry. It has already supplied and helped thousands of ash handling systems both for utility and non-utility generating stations all around the world. Currently, its systems are in operation on six continents in over 60 countries.

Plant performances getting better every day are such a big help in the industry through UCC's offering of their most comprehensive portfolio of technologies and systems. It all paid up finally because of the company's commitment for quality which is backed by thousands of hours for testing and evaluation and development. Thank goodness for their research laboratories equipped with the most advanced technology.

UCC is one great company being recognized today as the industry leader for one-time project execution and reliable system performance.
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