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Friday, September 9, 2011

Spare Batteries For Travel Is A Must!

I travel a lot, and several of the most important things I can't leave without them are my gadgets. Although I pretty much am confident that my Ipad and bluetooth keyboard don't need one, I do always have concerns about getting some spare cell phone batteries ideal for a long trip. It's always good to have back ups. I had a bad experience in one of my trips where I forgot to charge my cell phone and I was in the middle of a tour. Ugh! That was not a good experience. I use my cell phone to take pictures which is always handy than a bulky camera in hand. .
Glad to know there is a battery store online where I can find the best deals on batteries. And guess what, they have them and if only I have known way back earlier before about this, I should have gotten my spare batteries and saved them. Anyway, I am actually bookmarking the site, and also worth recommending to friends I know who frequents the road most often. ;)

Battery Mart is a one stop shop online store for discount batteries. Who doesn't want instant savings, right? Plus, it will be worth your money to shop online and get a free ground shipping as well.

Hope you got your spare batteries! It is always a smart habit to be always prepared.