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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is one place worth visiting when you want to go back to those days where steam ships were the quickest and most elegant way to travel.
The Queen Mary was once a magestic luxury liner and always the first choice for the elite of high society way back 1936. This year was was her first maiden voyage as a grand ocean liner including during the war years, until she finally stopped her voayge in the year 1967. Her maiden voyage in 1936 was the grandest ocean liner ever built and made her play many roles throughout her illustrious career.Many considered her the only civilized way to travel.
She was fondly called "The Grey Ghost" when she was transformed as a troopship overnight and transported more than 800,000 troops and played a vital role in every major Allied campaign.
She finally retired and was purchased by the city of Long Beach which became a Long Beach icon for more than 40 years.

Finally, settled in Long Beach as her permanent residence, it is now a site of attraction for tourists where every visitor is welcome to explore.

Queen Mary has a very rich, colorful history, a good reason why it is worth recommending to get up close with it to give you an in-depth look at the ship's past.

There are guided tours, the best way to have if you want to make sure you will be getting the most out of your visit.
There are daytime and evening tours, so whether you are interested in history art deco design or paranormal investigations and mystery about the ship, you can choose a tour package that goes with all of them.

Full exploration tours do a lot of walking so if you think your feet are tough enough to complete your visit in a day, go! :)

There are dinings on board as well, including signature dining, casual and quick eats and special dining events. Bar and lounges are also available.

The Queen Mary is also commonly used for land filmings of both television and films, photo shoots and commercials with a filming location of more than 80,000 square feet of space with 14 Art Deco salons that are uniquely decorated with murals and original paintings, wood paneling, brass and nickel silver fixture and etched leaded glass accents.

Would you believe you can book your hotel reservations aboard the Mary Queen as well?

Enjoy your stay!img_1315812567.jpg

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