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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting Aboard Carnival Destiny

July 21, 2011

So, after reaching Port of Miami, we got off the Cabana Coaches bus and from there, we were greeted by porters. Of course, every personal service you get, there is always corresponding "tips" that should be set aside, because these people rely much on tips. That is one important aspect to think about when you go on a cruise ;). I am sure cruisers are being highly informed about the "tips" stuff. So, it is always a good thing to set aside tips for any extra services you might be needing, even if you would rather want to do and carry your own luggages. I mean guys, it's always worth fulfilling to become a little bit generous for people who are always willing to do personal assistance sometimes, right? :)

Anyway, we then gave our 2 luggages to the porter and inform him our cabin number and gave him a tip as well.

We then went to the security lines for the boarding. We presented our boarding pass then went through all the way to the cruise line security check-in inside. There are 3 security check-ins you have to go through! First is the checking in through the security x-rays, like the one they have in the airports. Second, will be the cruise security check in like that in the hotels where they will give you your cabin room keys or they call it your Sail & Sign Card. Your key is also used to pay any extra charges you may have such as drinks, photos, shore excursions, laundry services..etc. It means you don't need to carry cash while you are in the ship. It is your "boarding pass" and "credit card" in-one! So, hold that key tight! It's your In this area would be a little bit detailed where you have to present every document you have. It was a good thing to note that they have these booth machines where you can scan your passports for identification and prepay everything through your credit card and doing all the confirmation stuff. It's just like you have to guarantee that everything are fully paid before you go aboard the ship!

Around 3:30pm, a bell sound will be heard and instructions will be announced that all passengers must proceed to their assigned muster stations. In every cabin, there is an assigned muster station which is also printed on your Sail & Sign Card (room key).
This is where you will be briefed about safety procedures, like how you operate a life jacket, etc...
Gosh! we were all packed like sardines in that area! It was like taking forever to get all the passengers in the muster station and it was so hot out there. Perhaps, it was like 45 minutes to get all the passengers complete the station, and 20 minutes briefing! Whew! Now, that was not the part you would want to enjoy! But policy is a policy! You need to comply, or you would be thrown out of the sea...lolz..just kidding!
Well, that was challenging, but the rest are all fun.

We did a short tour going up the Lido deck where every sort of fun is being done. I guess this was what they called "Party Till Sunset". A little bit of a crowd, because there are some minor shows and the pool is just on the same deck. So, there were audience and participants in the shows and there are swimmers and sun tanning sessions beside the pool. There is also a food corner in one area where you can sit down and eat...that is if you can bear the heat during the day. {Vs}
Expect the noise! That's party fun!

After eating dinner, we went to watch the "Welcome Aboard Show" presented by the cruise director himself at the Palladium Lounge. He is called "Noonan" :).
The show was spectacular with live music provided by The Destiny Showband and The Destiny Dancers. Singers are very good as well.
The show is strictly for your eyes cameras, videos or audios allowed. Watch out, there will be an "extra eye" looking for you once you click that camera, and you will be reprimanded. Hhhmmmm!! I think I got some clips in some other shows..(hush!)

The next day will be our first shore excursion...Key West! So, we went to bed around 10pm!

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