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Monday, September 12, 2011

Cruise Southern Land

I mentioned in one of my posts here how I felt about our Caribbean cruise experience few weeks ago. And I really can tell that it is one of the most unforgettable trips I would never forget. So, if I would be asked again for another cruising experience, for sure I would say yes over and over again ;).

Glad to know I was able to check Cruceros Australis online about their cruise packages. I would love to have another cruising experience and it must be interesting to check on some places to visit in Chile. I haven't been to that part of the world, and I would be quite happy to join Chile tours if I would be given the chance out from my super crazy schedule! It would actually be a good R & R from a busy work, you know.

I also haven't heard about the patagonia tours yet. It must be awesome if ever I can get on a cruise visiting Patagonia. I love looking at those photos, so how much more if I would be seeing the real views and sceneries! I love seeing the beauty of nature, the ice, animals, the colorful leaves of autumn, etc..
This is something worth looking forward too! Maybe someday, for sure I will be able to hop on the cruise ship one more time and get another unforgettable experience of a lifetime.