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Friday, September 23, 2011

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is easily accessible by boat for an hour and by helicopter for 15 minutes from the Southern California mainland. It is situated across the beautiful Pacific Ocean from the Southern California mainland.

It is the perfect place to unwind, for a romantic getaway or just spending fun for the entire family.
The island is said to be 21 miles or approximately 76 square miles with its width at 8 miles at its widest point (Long Point) and half mile wide at its narrowest point at Two Harbors at the Isthmus. It also has a coastal perimeter of 54 miles.

History wise, you will have to learn a lot more of the island's history if you are interested about it.
Avalon is one fo the island's significant permanent civilian settlement and with quaint Mediterranean charm.

The entire island is mostly ideal for outdoor activities where you can get a lot of new adventures and experiences as you go for further exploration.
You can get to enjoy various Discovery Tours such as exploring and discovering the crystal clear waters through diving and snorkeling, trail hikings, zip lining, kayaking, ad more.
It is recommended to try all the different types of tours they offer. Just in case you want to experience them, one day isn't enough.