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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Table Lightings

I still remember several years ago when I was still working in the Philippines, I used to dream simple things that I wish I could have. I grew up in a simple life living in a rural area.

Every night, I would always wish I can have a small table lamp because I couldn't sleep in my room with either a bright light or no lights at all. Those modern dim lights that they use today are not yet that many on the stores during those years, lol!
It so happened, that I was working with a company that sells table lamps. Perhaps, God heard my whispers of prayer, and I was given a table lamp by my boss as an award when I was chosen as "employee of the month" ;). Call it really God's "shower of blessing" because my boss didn't have any idea what I really wanted. The best thing is that it was much more better than the simple lamp model I was aiming to have. God is really good all the time!

Today, there are lots and tons of modern table lamps that are in store. With the huge collections of various brands and models, your choice seems to be endless.
Consider Table Lamps Sale online as worth checking if you need table lamps, big or small, simple or fancy.