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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Harley Davidson's Season

Every summer, I would usually enjoy driving on the road with hubby particularly when we are on a trip to visit some places. It is also the perfect season for Harley motorcycles on the road!

I woul always see them in groups driving around the neighborhood, and sometimes there are big events being done in our local hotels here. It is so easy to identify them just by the sound of their motorcycles, their uniforms, and the motorcycles where you can really see those bulky and sometimes shiny motorcycles wherein you can really say they are uniquely made! Oh! and that unique loud sound they make, you'll know they are around ;).
I happened to see one store that are having harleys for sale, and it's so surprising that the store gets crowded! It was! both men and women seem to be going crazy about it. I am not fond of big motorcycles, but they look interesting.
It is no longer unusual to see even women driving these motorcycles as well. Now, that is even more interesting to glance at, lol!
If a women would be driving a Harley Davidson, you will see them at the store taking some curious looks at the Harley davidson accessories! It's kinda cool stepping inside one of those stores where you can see many stuff like accessories and decorations. The clothings and blazers are also interesting. They would usually match it with their tattoos, LOL!