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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Delaware Museum of Science & History

Trip date: July 2-3, 2011

The museum (Wilmington, DE) was just close to the Longwood Gardens, so we thought of dropping by a visit before going to our hotel for a check in then proceed to the gardens.
The museum was mostly ideal for kids, but what the heck, we need to be a little bit child-like at times ;). It was just a short visit since it was yet too early to go check in and the concert at Longwood Gardens by the Philadelphia Orchestra will not start until 7pm.
So, it was no rush.

It was nice looking around inside checking those huge stuffed animals that are really looking like real. Whew!

I tried climbing on top of that turtle, and realized it was so hot because it was made of metal, and hubby wanted me to ride on the turtle's back,! The temperature that day was 88F. Well, I got curious as well. So, I struggled so bad. I did it later on but I guess I got burned on the butt! hahahaha!

That was fun!