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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Philadelphia Orchestra at Longwood Gardens

July 2, 2011

Didn't I say Longwood Gardens is our favorite hang out? ;). We didn't had any plans of what is for the weekend for the July 4th celebration, but yesterday, it was a spur of the moment when the hubby called and suggested to go back visit the gardens for the ?th time, and it was just perfect that today, the Philadelphia Orchestra was playing in the gardens.

After checking in at MendenHall, which is just 5 minutes away from the gardens, we proceeded to the gardens and arrived there around 4pm and had a late lunch at the Terrace Restaurant.
The concert started at at 7pm, at Longwood Meadow and since the reserved seats were all sold out, we got the lawn seating ticket. As always, we got our portable chairs and grabbed some snacks and drinks because hubby was sweating non stop! LOL!

The concert was done at around 8:05pm, and we proceeded at the main fountain area for the fountain show at 9:15pm. We had watched the fountains so many times, and it is spectacular as always.

We went back to our hotel around past 10pm, and hubby was dead tired and flat on bed right away! Poor hubby!
But the best thing is we had fun time together celebrating our early July 4th!
Advance Happy Birthday, America!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Quit Smoking Naturally

Many say that it is quite difficult to get out when you are hooked on a certain hobby. One example is when you are a smoker. Some tried to quit but unsuccesful, some were able to quit from it. There are at least two important things to consider when you are to quit smoking.
First, is how sincere and dedicated the person will be on the quitting, and second is the type of formula you will be using to quit smoking.

Here is a good site for a cigarrest review and to further check on it if you really want to quit smoking! I am not a smoker, but it says it is guaranteed to make you really get out of smoking. Take note however that cigarrest has many imitations, so be sure that you are sticking with the original patented formula.
Cigarrest also includes a behavior modification program that would help you need to become a non-smoker. You can get a risk free Welcome kit for you to try it for free. But if you order today, your risk free order will be tripled with a full three months guaranteed that help you stay smoke free! So, how cool is that?
Your kit will come with chewable tablets, gum, vitamins, an audio CD and a Cigarrest program Guide and Exercise Handbook.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rx Access

It is still good to know that despite of many people who are really hard up paying for their brand name prescription drugs, there is still a company that do rx assist for patients who can't afford to pay their pills.
So, Rx Access is the best site that would have to be recommended for many who qualifies for the prescription assistance programs. In this manner, at least many will benefit the help about the purpose of this advocate being offered by Rx Access!

Many pharmaceutical companies should also be given credits where they offer their own brand name medications that are available for uninsured or low insured as well as low income patients to get their drugs for free or discounted.
Prescription assistance programs are currently accepting more than 1,300 applications already just for the free brand name medications and discounted drugs they manufacture.

The first important thing you have to do is just check from RX Access if you qualify for the program before you apply. You can easily and conveniently know right away in a minute if you qualify for the free prescription drugs, and then if you are qualified, you can go ahead and enroll online through Rx Access site and an Rx Access advocate will connect you to your free drug prescriptions after the enrollment.
Check it out! This would be a great help for you.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Delaware Museum of Science & History

Trip date: July 2-3, 2011

The museum (Wilmington, DE) was just close to the Longwood Gardens, so we thought of dropping by a visit before going to our hotel for a check in then proceed to the gardens.
The museum was mostly ideal for kids, but what the heck, we need to be a little bit child-like at times ;). It was just a short visit since it was yet too early to go check in and the concert at Longwood Gardens by the Philadelphia Orchestra will not start until 7pm.
So, it was no rush.

It was nice looking around inside checking those huge stuffed animals that are really looking like real. Whew!

I tried climbing on top of that turtle, and realized it was so hot because it was made of metal, and hubby wanted me to ride on the turtle's back,! The temperature that day was 88F. Well, I got curious as well. So, I struggled so bad. I did it later on but I guess I got burned on the butt! hahahaha!

That was fun!


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