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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top Cruising Myths To Watch For

When it comes to saving money for a cruise, there are lots of misinformation out there. You need to know the following myths to avoid overspending in the end.

Myth #1: The lowest prices are online.
Better values can actually be through travel agents who specialize in cruises because they often receive advance notice of unadvertised deals you won't find online. Agents can help you get extras, such as onboard credit for purchases and free shore excursions and drinks.

Myth # 2: Booking last minute for bigger discounts.
It's a wrong approach. If you book early, you'll get the best airfare, choice of cabin and discounts.

Myth # 3: You won't spend much time in your cabin, so get the cheapest one.
The price difference between a tiny, inside cabin and a larger one with an ocean view maybe minimal, but the choice can have significant impact on your trip.
Beware of outside cabins that have an "obstructed" view; you might find your window blocked by a lifeboat.

Myth #4: Cruises are all-inclusive.
On most ships (except luxury lines), your out-of-pocket cost for bottled water, wine and dinner, drinks at the bar and shore excursions can add up, but airfare is rarely included. Ship restaurants do usually charge an extra fee. Housekeeping tips can go around $10 per person daily.

Myth # 5: A low-price cruise is a better deal than a luxury cruise.
Luxury cruise like Regent Seven Seas Cruises maybe charging more than most lines from $450-$650 per person a day, - but for realistic comparison, factor in the price of a suite on a mid-range line plus out-of-pocket on board costs, fees, airfare and surcharges.
Also, Regent includes most liquor and wines, shipboard gratuities, unlimited shore excursions, round-trip airfare, and two-for-one deals.