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Friday, July 29, 2011

Tips That Help Extend Your Car's Life

Modern cars require relatively little routine service as long as you follow maintenance instructions both from car experts and in your owner's manual.
The following are some other tips to help you extend the life of your car.

Avoid driving over potholes which can cause suspension and tire damage. Shifting from reverse to a forward gear while car is moving can harm the transmission, while jackrabbit starts stress the engine, transmission and differential.
The bottom line? Drive smartly!

Exercise regularly everything on your vehicle such as using the parking brake occasionally to keep it adjusted; Engage your car's 4-wheel drive occasionally if you rarely use anything but 2-wheel drive.

Synthetic oils are superior lubricants which are more costly than petroleum-based oils but they can extend engine life. It's best to start using synthetic oil while the car's engine is still young.
Glance under your car from time to time. If there are fluid leaking on the ground, note the color of any drips and report them to your car mechanic. Report any weird squeaks and clunks in a timely manner as well.

Bond with a mechanic you can trust, and follow his/her advice.

You'll feel better hanging on to your car longer if it looks good. In addition to regular washing and waxing, or even better, professional detailing - your car, fix any inevitable dings and chipped glass before your car starts looking like a heap.
Most glass damage is easily repairable and small dings can be inexpensively fixed with paintless dent removal techniques.