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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Thanks to Wm Rowe

Swimming has always been a passion of mine so I knew when we decided to build our dream house that I wanted it to have a pool. We designed it long enough that I could swim laps but it still has a great shape so it doesn’t look too professional in the backyard and I use it every morning to get ready for the day! My husband decided if I got all this great space in the backyard that he wanted something, too, so I agreed to help him design a built-in barbeque area to use when we had friends over. It’s really great and there’s even a plasma TV with satellite so he and his buddies can watch all the big games! It was an easy compromise for me since I get my exercise in and he gets to hang out with his buddies – building our dream house has given me more pleasure than I ever thought it would and I’m so glad we spent so much effort and time on the outdoor areas of the home!