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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Louisiana's African-American Heritage Trail

African-Americans in Louisiana for centuries have changed the world with their art, ideas and accomplishments, from street corners and marketplaces to cafe's churches, universities and can visit these places that inspired generations of Louisianians to add their unique flavor to the world.

  1. African American Museum (New Orleans)
  2. St. Augustine Church (New Orleans)
  3. St. Louis Cemeteries No. 1 & No. 2 (New Orleans)
  4. The French Market (New Orleans)
  5. Congo Square, Armstrong Park (New Orleans)
  6. Amistad Research Center (New Orlean)
  7. Mahalia Jackson's Grave, Providence Park Cemetery (Metauie)
  8. Laura Plantation (Vacherie)
  9. Evergreen Plantation (Wallace)
  10. River Road African American Heritage Museum (Donaldsonville)
  11. Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum (Hammond)
  12. Louisiana State Capitol (Baton Rouge)
  13. Southern University (Baton Rouge)
  14. Port Hudson Battlefield (Jackson)
  15. The African American Museum (St. Martinville)
  16. Black Heritage Art Gallery; Central School Arts and Humanities Center (Lake Charles)
  17. Creole Heritage Folk Life Center (Opelousas)
  18. Arna Bontemps African American Heritage Museum (Alexandria)
  19. St. Augustine Church (Natchez)
  20. Cane River Creole National Historical Park, Bermuda (Derry)
  21. Melrose Plantation (Melrose)
  22. Multicultural Center of the South (Shreveport)
  23. Southern University Museum of Art (Shreveport)
  24. Grambling State university (Grambling)
  25. Northeast Louisiana Delta African American Heritage Museum (Monroe)
  26. Hermione Museum (Tallulah)