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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liven Up Your Bathroom!

Summer time means a lot of bathing! It is also the ideal time to do some real check on your bathroom. Perhaps it needs an upgrade ;). Or it needs additional bathroom fixtures.
Take time to check on any bath vanities your bathroom needs. You would never run out of choices which means you can get the best types of bath vanities that suit your taste.

I and my husband hve recently bought a new house in the Philippines and one of the most important part of the house we got prioritized was our bathroom. The house got 2 bathrooms, up and down and it takes time to get those perfect bath vanities that really fits in each bathroom.
My husband left me alone on how I would like it to be done including colors and matching accessories, so it means I should make smart and sound decisions with regards to all the items and colors I choose including bath vanities that it needs. It's kinda tough but I love doing it. :)

Actually, Superiorbath is one ideal site I can add to my list. I usually order online some bathroom fixtures and send it to the Philippines. It's because most of the things that I really want isn't available or it's either that it is difficult to find.
I still have one big box to fill up to send it to the Philippines. I've sent 2 boxes previously mostly for housing needs ;).