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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Visit To The Queen Mary

March 13, 2011

While in Long Beach, we visited The Queen Mary ship and bought tour tickets for two, which was a self-guided audio tour. We wanted to tour where we could take our time and where we could explore the ship in our own pace with an audio guide.
Part of the tour that was included in our tickets was the "Ghost & Legends Tour" of the Queen Mary which is sort of an interactive show tour with special effects that highlights some of the ship's famous paranormal hotspots as we were guided into the ship's haunted past. The entire tour was an hour and a half. It was actually kind of fun for us because our tour guide would try to scare us at times while walking on the dark alleys, lol!

After the ghost tour, we had the audio tour to visit the entire ship. I found the audio tour a little bit boring later on because we had to do a lot of walking back and forth and the distances are quite far. We even had to use the escalator to go up, but the escalator happened to be not working, so we had to climb it like stairs and it seemed to me it was more than a hundred steps way up high! UGH!
Unfortunately, we didn't finished up that tour, and instead I had to tell my hubby we need to find a food shop because I was starving, lol!
But in fairness, the place has a lot of food shops, so it wasn't hard to find one ;).
There is also a hotel at the ship if you want to take your time in the ship.

I got some achy feet with all the walkings, but I could say it was still fun as an experience.