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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Travel Tips to Save Time & Money

If you travel a lot, perhaps by now you're already learning the best tricks on spending less on airfare or skipping a long check-in line ;).

Flexibility can make all the difference when it comes to finding a great rate. Choose your destination as you search for deals from your home airport. Site such as might help which can let you look for reduced airfares.

You can pay less for an upgrade with a Y-up economy class fare. You will spend about the same amount for a full-fare coach ticket, but be automatically upgraded to first class upon checking in.
Take note though that Y-up fares are not available on all flights (never for an international trip) and can be expensive, highly restricted or impossible. Book thru a travel agent or use the Y-up tool at

Tuesday, Wednesdays or Saturdays are the best days to travel where congestion at the counter and dt security are less. On other days, choose early morning flights as the best option.

You can always request an upgrade when booking a coach ticket, then check in at the business class counter at the airport to see if the upgrade went through. Even if it isn't there, you can still check in there and avoid long economy lines.

When searching for hotels, combine your online research with direct bookings and find the best rates on sites like or You can possibly get reduced internet rate, as well as personalized service that comes with booking directly.

Don't pay extra for web access. If your hotel offers free wi-fi like the lobby or public area, don't bother shelling out $20 daily.

If you're going for an out of the country trip, as your bank for no-fee partners and if there are free overseas cash-machine locations. ATM fees overseas can be high and expensive.

If you're traveling long distance between major cities, consider an overnight sleeper car such as the train. You will save on airfare and hotel costs.